Fair Hill Photos: September Trials at FH

giphy (10)Not only did I get my photos but wow I got the right ones in a week or less. Freaking miracle am I right? Anyway, onto the photos!!

Stadium Photos

B GRC17-0872155

My over-achiever here eh?? Not going to touch those poles, Mom. Hang on.

B GRC17-0872149

Where am I looking? Down! Who looks cute? REMUS! Again, no touchy. (Who would have thought he was BUCKING IN BETWEEN FENCES?) #innocentpony HA.

Remus no buck.jpg

Wow we look like we have a plan don’t we (thirty seconds before this he had a plan to buck me off possibly LOL). But how cute is he??

Cross Country Photos

Then we got our cross country photos. First things first, my stirrups need up at least a hole and remember one billet was loose on this saddle through this whole course LOL!

C GFC17-0879420
Coming through! Train!
C PMB17-0875705
I assume I am either trying to breathe or whistling while I work? LOL

C PMB17-0875699C GFC17-0879428C GFC17-0879447

Remus says weeeeeee over the cc jumps….you can definitely tell it was NOT as hot this day as the July one!

C PMB17-0875707C PMB17-0875704

Just wanted to share how pretty his coat was gleaming that day….. Some great shots and the lighting couldn’t have been better!! As hot as it is still here this week, I actually look back in fondness on the cooler temps this day in early September (even though it was not as cool as they said it would be). It helps the photos when I don’t look like I am going to die of heat exhaustion in them. Right?

I need to sign up for a few Combined Trainings in October and think hard about any other events this Fall. And I still have not bitten the bullet on a saddle trial yet. Finding the perfect saddle in a perfect price with the right tree is hard ya’ll. Who would have thunk?





12 thoughts on “Fair Hill Photos: September Trials at FH

  1. OMG I just LOVE his little pricked ears over those jumps. He is sooooo adorable. Really. Pretty sure I may steal him from you lol. And you two just look great over those fences. He was absolutely no touchy! He looks so happy to be out there with you ❤

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    1. I just did digital this time. They are so cheap. I need to stalk the site and see yours and Alli and Jess etc. I think these photos are better than the July but it could have been the swampy humidity in July that made them less brilliant. HA


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