Day 10–How Your Family/Friends Feel About Your Riding(And Quick Lesson Recap)

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Forecast UGH

FRI  HIGH 38° 
Wtf, that is all…. I have a cross country school Saturday and a Paper Chase Sunday. BRGHHH time to break out the winter duds! Hey I guess at least it is not supposed to rain!!?

What People Say About Me Riding:

I thought it would be more interesting to put things actually said by family and friends as quotes below! Enjoy:

We often call Dad, Walter! 🙂

Dad (Walter, his real name is Wayne but we call him Walter often):

Thought you knew enough by now to not need lessons?

If it was horse related  you would do it I am sure.

Might as well pour money on the ground than waste it on horses (This said to me while my brother and sister are known to go to a freaking casino at times, let’s talk about pouring money on the ground!! ARGHH)


Brother (or Satan’s Minion as I like to call him):

It is a wonder the horse can carry you (RUDE!)…

Haven’t you given that up yet?

Don’t know why you waste your money on that nag (Note: My brother would call Man O’ War a nag, he knows zilch)

Husband (Actually Very Supportive):

Sometimes I think you love that horse (insert dogs here too) more than me

It cost how much?

tenor (1).gifFriends (Usually Non-horsey Friends):

You still doing that riding thing?

How much does that cost you? (RUDE I don’t ask how much your shit costs do I?)

Horses are expensive, how do you afford that? (RUDER)

Aren’t you too old to ride now? (RUDEST)

I actually don’t listen to anything said to me about horses. Everyone has their hobbies. My dad’s is watching Fox News, my husband has 3 or 4 guitars strewn about the house and does his music, my friends do scrapbooking or other things that don’t interest me mostly. Whatevers, peoples. I have been riding since 10 and am 51 now so that is a pretty damn good commitment level in my book!

Sally Lesson:

Get it, stuck like glue 🙂

Not rude at all was my lesson with Sally. I got to ride in the new saddle and she proclaimed it a great buy! Remus was full of himself (one spur actually fell off (spur strap was too loose) and Sally grabbed it and then loved the oil slick pattern since they kind of shimmer purple). So I rode with no crop and one spur. Hey it works. I had a couple bucks asking him to canter but they were definitely spur related not ouch related.

And I didn’t move. That saddle is like GLUE. I had some great jumps and could concentrate on SITTING UP holding hands up and JUMPING HIM over the jumps. I had one or two close chips and two rails down at an oxer that he was NOT paying attention due to the mud puddle right before (Ummm Mr Eventing horse, you go thru deeper water than that pay no attention to it). We redid that line with a sharp bending line to a gate and it was perfect. Really great lesson and I was so comfy in that saddle I did not want to get out of it!! Just secure and my legs are so much better in it, Sally says. YAY! I do need to buy a girth and new stirrup leathers but otherwise we have a winner! I can’t wait to try it out this weekend and see if the love continues….




7 thoughts on “Day 10–How Your Family/Friends Feel About Your Riding(And Quick Lesson Recap)

  1. I most other people’s reactions to horse says no horse person ever…

    So happy that the saddle seems to be as perfect as you hoped! Lesson sounds wonderful, this weather SUCKS. I’m so disappointed that I can’t do the paperchase… Seriously, why couldn’t my theatre tickets have been LAST Sunday? Ugh! Otherwise I’d definitely have joined you. Batty and I are taking a trail ride out at 10 am Saturday so I’ll be freezing to death too…

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  2. Wow that’s super rude! OMG. I’m lucky no one’s ever said that to me yet. They have said “oh still doing horses, I see” but people don’t understand my commitment to horses. That’s why whatever guy I date next HAS to understand about not only an expensive hobby, but an intense, commitment-driven hobby. Because I am NOT giving up my horse lol.
    OMG yay for the saddle!! So glad it’s sticky and great and it was a wonderful lesson! And YOU GET TO GO SHOPPING. YESSSS. lolol I don’t know what kind of girth Remus likes, but I have the Nunn Finer Passage girth (it comes in brown and Amber likes that it’s all leather and has elastic and I like that it’s easy to clean lol). Just a suggestion!


  3. Yeah, no one really gets it except other horsey friends. But whatever! Like you, I am at a point in my life where I just smile and nod (or laugh at them!) and continue doing my horse thing. 😉 Awesome news about the saddle!! There is nothing like the perfect saddle!

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  4. Can I steal your saddle? I have stopped referring to my riding lessons as lessons when speaking with non equestrians. I call them training sessions. People understand that. Lots of people will go to yoga class or a weight lifting training session so training is a concept they can understand continuing to do even after the beginning stages. Lessons = beginner. To be fair, I am a beginner in riding compared to the olympians/professionals, but that’s a more in depth conversation. For a brief conversation, I just say I have a training session and people are like, oh, okay cool.


    1. LOL i would totally share if we lived closer together. LOLLOL And great idea. I do do PT at the gym (My dad bitches about that too tho but others would respect the term training sessions! I will try that 😉


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