Grateful Musings at the End of 2017!

Seriously she is part unicorn!

I got home from running errands on Wednesday and had a couple packages on my doorstep. One was a tote bag I had gotten for my trainer at the gym which unfortunately was delayed in shipping so got here after Christmas (from Zappos, so CUTE isnt it?). My gym is a huge part of my life and we do a lot of community fundraising and it just is a real family. I volunteer at their 5ks and so on. And Kattie is a big deal to me, she keeps me laughing while I work out and makes me think I can do a lot more than I can!! So kudos to her! And I think she may really be part unicorn. It really helps when people believe in you while training you. She is a wonderful person and I actually enjoy working out with her. I have been going to the same gym since 2011 so that has to mean something right? I must like the people for sure!

Love this bag

Speaking of unicorns: The other package I got I had no idea I was getting. Amanda that sly dog, sent Remus a package! I was so surprised to get something and I had to hoot with laughter when I opened it up!

Remus unicorn.jpg

And the present in the box was Remus’ very own unicorn lead rope!! Cause a magical beast like Remus NEEDS one of these! I was laughing so hard at the unicorn horn on his photo.  My goal is to get Auntie Manda back one day to DE so she can jump said Golden Unicorn (#2018goals)?!

Love the colors!!

So going into the New Year, I have to say the friends I have whether they are close to where I live or far far away really are dear to my heart. And I am grateful that thanks to the blogging I have so many MORE friends as well (yes this is all Emma and Amanda‘s fault that I started blogging (BINGO anyone?).  2017 had its ups and downs but I look forward to 2018 to see what is coming up. I have grand plans (well not really but we will keep on chugging along) for this guy, who turns 15 this year! WOW.

Who me?

Also my husband got back from UK last night (UGH driving to BWI took me 2 hours yesterday on my way there, crazy, traffic everywhere) and is back home safe and sound. Life is good!!

Didn’t think he would ever get through (#bwinotthefastestairport)

Happy New Year to All!! I hope everyone is keeping warm and happy and gets lots of horse time going into the New Year. And those in warm climates? Invite me for a visit please! I know a lot of you have it a LOT colder than us and I don’t know how you survive!

Love this GIF!
Happy New Year!!!

14 thoughts on “Grateful Musings at the End of 2017!

  1. aww i’m happy you started blogging and it’s been great getting to know you better and especially ride with you a couple times this year!! looking for many more repeats, and hopefully not just at horse shows! definitely gotta drag my ass up to one of those Sally clinics, maybe when she’s back from aiken?

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  2. Hahaha Weemus! I love it! It has been so fun to find your blog and you are definitely coming to Maine sometime soon, lady! Just not right now, since it is about -10 at the moment hahaha! Here’s to a great 2018!! 🙂

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  3. Not gonna lie- I’m real jealous of all you bloggers who are get to meet each other in person! Sounds sooo fun! That picture of Remus with the horn in the absolute best- I’d for sure be framing that thing LOL!


    1. yes if we hadn’t saved so much money on his ticket he would have flown out of PHL. BUT The customs is gangbusters over PHL he said. PHL is still a hot mess coming back into the country. Thanks!!


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