The Bomb Cyclone Storm Was Not a Big Deal For Me: The Flu However Was

winter-storm-grayson-bomb-cyclone-hits-u-s-east-coast.jpgUgh luckily for us the storm was not that bad! The cold sure was but the actual snow didn’t amount to much. My father’s area got 12 inches in Virginia and they arent dug out yet (Four days later) so we are definitely lucky.


But what I did get bombed by was the dreaded FLU! WTF? The last time I had any type of Flu was about 40 years ago. I woke up Friday not feeling great but powered thru personal training in the am then went to work for meetings. Felt tired but not bad. But Saturday morning, I literally could NOT get out of bed. I stayed in bed all day on Saturday. Felt still horrible on Sunday so my lovely husband dragged me to MedExpress. And they took my temperature (and I knew by the glance the nurses had ut oh). The one nurse came back with two more tylenol and some water to give me to take before I saw the doctor. They also stuck me in a way back room. And then when the doctor came in she had a mask on. OH yeah.

I felt like Gandolf was not letting me anywhere in that clinic LOL

She said “Don’t be offended but by your symptoms I think I need this with you”. So she checked me over and yep, I have flu as well as a sinus infection and a lovely wheezing in my lungs that is going into bronchitis. Yay me? Got ton of drugs and a note to not go into work for 3 days. Normally I would say oh I will be able to work from home but I think I am taking the first day to just rest. I just am so exhausted from the littlest things. This is ridiculous. Plus I have a cough that won’t stop and a sinus headache that won’t quit.

I assume Remus is fine I never made it out all weekend (Remember could not get out of bed). UGH I hate being sick (I was sick in Dec 2016 with Bronchitis and had to cancel a lesson with Sally due to bronchitis but that was my first thought OH thank god I hadn’t had a lesson scheduled on Saturday). Anyway that is where I have been. Once I feel slightly more human I shall return! Hope everyone had a better weekend than I did (that could NOT be hard to have had a better weekend LOL)!

I will be back when I am slighty more alive and less mostly dead πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “The Bomb Cyclone Storm Was Not a Big Deal For Me: The Flu However Was

    1. i would not wish this on my worst enemy! UGH LOL this sucks. And the exhaustion is unreal. Hopefully I start feeling better. OH and the sinus and bronchitis stuff will be here till Spring i am sure!! I barely glanced thru instagram all weekend (Was I sick or what) but saw you had CC schooling. YAY!


    1. not really. I barely even browsed instagram all weekend and that was tough. The light from the computer and tv hurt my eyes. It was a pretty shitty weekend. And my head hurt so badly. RIDICULOUS. Thanks though. I am playing some catch up today on the blogs between napping.


  1. blargh, that sounds awful! at least you don’t really have to feel guilty about couch surfing and taking it easy when the weather outside is so nasty, it’s not like you’re missing out on anything!

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  2. You POOR THING! We have been getting TONS of flu cases at my hospital (in Dallas), I hear that it is terrible this year. Drink lots of fluid and try to stay hydrated! I hope you feel better soon. (((((hugs)))))

    ❀ Kelly @ HunkyHanoverian

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    1. yes my doctor told me this was a bad one and it has knocked me off my feet since Sat. So this day 4. WTF. I am slightly better today thank god. I have been drinking so much water, juice and tea that I might as well try sleeping in the bathroom LOL!


  3. It seems like everyone has been getting the worst sickness they’ve had in forever. So many people I know have been horribly sick, and I was lucky enough to have a small head cold and it was gone in a week. Which I’m really surprised at because usually that transfers into bronchitis for me, so I must’ve been on it lol. I’m SOOO SORRY THO that you’re sick, and I wish you a speedy recovery! PS: LOTS AND LOTS AND COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF AIRBORN lol

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    1. ha was it you? I read online that the flu shows up 2-3 days after exposure. No clue who i caught it from as I am sure Mark’s variety was a head cold he got on the flight. I am still weak as a kitten. I could not have ridden if my life depended on it. So you are better than me πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better too!


    1. supposed to be 40 today but its 25 and sheets of ice everywhere from an ice storm last night. I dont have to go anywhere today but my husband does. I hope it warms up quickly. Ice is the worst! I am getting better (aches pains are gone, fever is gone finally) but the coughing will be here till Spring (Once i get a cough I keep it) UGH so sleeping has not been fun. I do feel a bit more mental with it today (yesterday i had to book a flight for my hubby and was sure i had done the wrong days)! Thanks….60 sounds wonderful.


  4. Ugh that really sucks. I hope you get better soon. That’s one thing that I’m pleased about currently with working remote full time. Everyone in my team is getting sick and I’m not there to get germs passed around to me.

    Drink lots, make yourself eat a bit and rest lots!


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