Whirlwind of a Weekend….

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Us most of the weekend!

Well we did get to see Remus this weekend albeit I had to walk out in a rainy field to give him carrots. So win win even if we got slightly soggy walking out to him.

Otherwise it was a weekend of packing, tossing, and getting things straight here. Mark is now back in Memphis but it was so great having him around all weekend even I did work him like a dog. LOL. Friday picking him up at BWI was fun (not). it took me 2 hours to get there (normally an hour and half) and 3 and half hours to get home after picking him up. Ahhh Memorial Day traffic. What fun!

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Mark going through his clothes LOL

We did manage to go to a friend’s house on Memorial Day so we had some down time. But otherwise it was work work work work! Poor Mark it was so great to see him again and hang out with him but I do think he was ready to go back to his real job LOL!

Image result for work work work

Except for clothes and dishes and a few odds and ends we are mostly packed. I do need to get a few more things done at the house but I am going to head to Dad’s on Sunday to do a few things down there for him and come back on Wednesday (Sorry Remus I swear I will ride again one day LOL this weather is not looking like Sarah and I are ever going to get out again to FH! RAIN RAIN RAIN/CLOUDY HUMID AS HELL/RAIN RAIN RAIN.UGH.)

I will head back up here next Wednesday to finish up last minute stuff and the movers come on the 12th (Gulp). Crazy times are upon us. I keep reading everyone’s blogs to get some horse content since I have so little going on here. Keep on riding you all! 🙂

IMG_0406 (1)
Gretchen is on the left 

In other news, Gretchen’s lump we had a cytology done on came back as cancerous. 😦 It just popped up a few months ago and we had it aspirated and it showed a lot of bacteria so my vet put her on antibotics for a couple weeks but then we sent it out and yep its the bad stuff.  We don’t think it  has spread at this time and they are supposed to get me quotes for removing it. She thinks it is small enough that they can just put Gretchen under IV Sedation to remove it. Fingers crossed again (Sorry guys I do nothing but ask you to do this).  They do want to a chest xray first to check her lungs and heart in case it has spread. Her blood work is fine so we are hopeful.


History on Gretchen in a nutshell? We have no idea how old she is! She could be 10 she could be 15 she could be 19 LOL. The rescue found her trotting down the road a few years back. Her eyes are horrible from dry eye, she had no hair when I adopted her, she has very few teeth due to the rescue having to remove most of them. She is the best dog though and I can’t believe someone just dumped her. We love her to pieces. And I have lost three other schnauzers to cancer and/or other issues known to schnauzers so I know the breed’s health issues. But we shall see. If we can make her happy and comfy and extend her life a bit without causing her pain we might go for it if it is not too pricey (I know Mark is reading this going NOOOOO! He likes to fuss but he loves the dogs too).

the love these two share considering they are both rescues hurts my heart sometimes it is so cute…

The cells in the lump are either necrotic (hence the bacteria) or cancerous but she thinks if she takes it off the prognosis could be good. We aren’t sure if it is a sarcoma or what (I did a quick google look and that looks pretty rare in dogs). Anyway more info to come but keep positive thoughts for Gretchen. Before we found her her life pretty much sucked so we are determined to keep her happy for as long as we can! One thing for sure, she landed on her feet when we went and adopted her! 🙂 She is the 2nd older schnauzer I have adopted and the first one I barely kept a year before he came down with cancer. 😦 I have had Gretchen almost 3 years and hope for many more years if possible. Hug your dogs for me today!

Queen of her castle!


29 thoughts on “Whirlwind of a Weekend….

    1. tell me about it 😦 she is happy as can be and doesnt even know she is sick. Fingers crossed we can do something for her. And fingers crossed it doesnt show up having spread in xray!


  1. We will get out to FH if it kills me. Starting Tuesday (of course, you’ll be with your dad), the weather is gorgeous. So, maybe Friday or Saturday we can sneak something in? Sunday morning is down to 50% from 80%.

    re: Gretchen and everything else. Black cloud. You and me. Must end. Now.

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  2. i’m so sorry to hear about Gretchen’s bad news lump 😦 that’s so scary, hopefully there’s no impediment to removing it cleanly!! as if you needed yet another thing to worry about right now…. good luck with the rest of the move – sounds like at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel!!

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  3. Oh no! Poor Gretchen! Hopefully it’ll come off cleanly! Keeping everything crossed for you and sending good thoughts your way. And wow yeah it looks like the move is coming up soon! Thankfully everything is going okay with the house in TN? (I’m hoping it is so it’s a question mark haha)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cancer, diabetes, cushings, you name it. Ask me how I know LOL 🙂 yep all three in my schnauzers. The good news is her kidney and liver functions are great! And we are starting with xrays on Friday then moving forward with what we see.

      Poor girl may be getting surgery the week we move but i dont want to wait till I am settled in TN and finding a new vet takes time!! UGH

      thanks for the good thoughts. She is very special. And to think that she was thrown away once. Well she is special 🙂 the last four dogs I have adopted have had health issues (well except Ollie who is just a brat, Olli is the one we have insurance on GO FIGURE HA)

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      1. Ha ha that’s totally how it works. The X-rays are a great idea did hat for Stella as well. My past dog got mammary cancer (thanks for not slaying her,previous owner!) and it took about 1 year for cancer to spread to her lungs so we had some really good quality time together.
        Hopefully Gretchen’s surgery is easy peasy! I agree with doing it before you have to search for a new Vet! Thinking of both of you!


  4. Oh man, like there wasn’t enough on your plate! I’m so sorry to hear about Gretchen, but hopefully they are thinking correctly and it will be an easy thing to snip away. I had a standard schnauzer when I was a little kid, who sadly we lost to cancer as well. On the other hand, we had a husky with a tumor that we had removed when she was 10 or 11 and she lived to be 18. So you just never know. Fingers crossed for positive news for you all.

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  5. My lab had a mass cell tumor removed from her elbow. The vet didn’t think it was cancerous but it was growing and she wanted to remove it while it was still small enough to remove easily. When the results came back we both said oh sh*t. But so far nothing else has shown up.

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  6. Definitely crossing all of the things for your little girl! Hopefully it’s straightforward and she continues to power onward for many many years.

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  7. So sorry about Gretchen. Fingers crossed it is easily resolved and you many more great years together. I think it’s great you rescue dogs- so do I! I got my little chi, Lili (short for Liliputian), when she was approx 7. She has a severe luxating patella and basically walked 3 legged it was so bad. The surgery and us adopting her has given her an entirely new lease on life, I hope to have her for many great years to come.

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