Thank God It’s Friday And How Do You Keep the Food From Being Flung?

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How I feel today 🙂

First let’s celebrate the fact today is Friday! Why you say? Because tomorrow is Saturday. Nuff said 🙂

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Look’s like we made it…

Anyway the in-laws leave on Saturday to head back to the UK. I bet they will need to dig their winter clothes out the heat has been so intense here. Whew. Of course they leave on Sat and we are supposed to get a cool front this weekend. Figures. Cool front here means a bit cooler at night, maybe some rain etc., but I will take it. I will take whatever cool front can give us (as of now they are saying 70 and rain tomorrow..swoon be still my heart)

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Give me your best shot, cool front!

I actually have a topic for this blog post today! What do you use (i.e bucket, pan etc.) to feed your horses? I am at a loss on how to keep the damn food in the feeder and not on the ground or on the wall or wherever (Remus, I am looking at you). Tate is a bit neater though he is not above knocking a bucket off the hook. Sigh.

Remus expresses his thoughts on me throwing him in front of the bus 🙂

With the flies (and I have seen two mice, one a field mice one a house mice) around I don’t want a lot of waste as it seems to draw them. Plus I am putting Smartpak supplements in the feeder in the morning at least and I would like my money not to go to making flies nor mice faster, stronger or whatever.

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So what do you use? At the old barn in PA, we used plain flat back water buckets to feed in. And Remus did that fine there so I am really irked that he likes slinging his food around here in TN. His teeth were checked before he was shipped down here so I don’t think it is food issues I think it is attitude issues. He is just very dramatic about expressing his delight over food.

Like I said, Remus stares at the front door at dinner time. When I am in the barn fixing dinner he stretches one foot over the threshold of the door and puts his hoof on it and pulls to make maximum noise KNOWING I am going to yell (or throw something at him LOL). Negative reinforcement thy name is Remus. Ha.

What he has always eaten out of….

I bought a better bucket and they can knock those off the hook as well.

I do like the design but for staying on the hook…fail..

And I have this ground feeder which is the best of the group. But he puts his foot in it and drags it across the stall. Which means some still falls out. SIGH REMUS.

Clear winner but still annoying.

Before you say corner feeder, I don’t have a corner to put a feeder in. The hay rack is in the one corner and the other corner has the water buckets the back corners by the doors have huge beams that will not allow anything to fit in that corner. So what do you use for your flingers of feed? I saw this at Schneiders and thought for five minutes about buying it to install on the wall on the side. But would it work? It is pricey if it doesn’t work. Sigh.

Feed Saver

I have used this (below) on the gate but if the flies are bad or the weather turns bad, I can’t feed him outside. (actually its a bit different but hangs on a rail).

So if you have a flinger tell me what the fling you feed your flinger with?  Do I buy a damn feed bag for my mule of a horse(no offense to mules everywhere)?

Happy weekend to all! I hope you have tons of horsey stuff planned! See you on Monday!

Things you find antiquing with your in-laws and who would pay 40 bucks for this? LOL 




26 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday And How Do You Keep the Food From Being Flung?

  1. P slings his food all around also (then spends another hour carefully eating each pellet off the ground), so I can’t help ya.

    I’m SO EXCITED for it to get cooler here next week also. It’s almost October and still close to 100 degrees! Nutty.

    Please take video of R telling you to hurry up- I’m cracking up at the imagery of it all 🙂

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    1. I will get it. He delicately balances his foot on the rail and pulls back knowing I will rush over to him in case he gets stuck (pulls a tendon) whatever. BRAT!! OMG. I can’t handle the pellets on the ground. LOL


  2. Amber doesn’t step in her pan too often, but I do feed her in a flat, very hard plastic pan. I found out she would fling her buckets because she wanted every grain morsel lol so a pan it was. Is there a way you or Mark could put some holes in the pan and then lash it to the wall of the stall (or lash it to anything really) with baling twine? I’m all about easy, cheap fixes haha.

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  3. My guys all fling. Subi actually pushes food ON THE GROUND OUT OF HIS BUCKET TO FEED HERMIONE. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s less concerned about feeding Marble… When I feed him on the ground, he dumps his pan over and eats off the ground. So I can’t win. He prefers eating out of the pan (better to sift through), but it’s really muddy now so he’s in a bucket for breakfast and dinner (he always gets cubes in a bucket). He gets chopped hay in a tubtrug. Jiminy gets his bucket on the ground, Batty gets his in the shed clipped. Heavy duty clips are my best friend. I should send you a picture of mine…

    The one thing I worry about feeders is not being able to wash them. I guess it’s not a big deal if you don’t feed wet feed, but I still like rinsing buckets/pans regularly.

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    1. me too I really like washing them….which is why i would love a corner one (clipped) so i could remove and wash. SIGH.

      Horses are a pain 🙂 Why do we do this again LOL? and ha on Subi feeding Hermie 🙂


  4. I have a round tub like this one:
    I only attach it on two sides, so no corner required. Use screw eyes and double end snaps, so they don’t fall off any hooks. If the still fling it around, you can get a lid with a big hole in the middle that fits on these. Not sure Big D’s has the lids though. Anyway, it’s almost like a wide lip that goes around the top. Plenty of room to get their face in, but if the fling it around, not too much would come out.

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  5. I had a horse that was a shit about eating his food too!!! He pawed non stop and would flip his food over b/c the barn I was at fed on the ground. The way I eliminated his food flinging was putting the pan in a tire so when he’d paw at the food he’d hit the tire and his food would be safe. I’m not sure if this would help you but if the bucket is in the tire it’d be hard for them to fling the bucket around? Or in theory!!! Hope you figure something out! Nothing worse than horses wasting precious grain bits and letting other creatures come in and feast!!!!

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  6. One of the barns I was at used the small feed buckets similar to your first pic, then added baking twine so they slip over the horses heads like a feedbag/grazing muzzle. You have to slip it off once they’re finished eating, but it eliminated the grain slinging and stealing aspect of dinner time (quite cheaply too)


  7. charlie has one of these buckets in his stall:

    i threaded the thin metal “L” shaped brackets through the gaps in the boards of his stall wall before screwing it all together. it’s held tight for over a year now, and keeps him from pawing at his food while simultaneously it still hangs low enough to reduce the risk of him aspirating his food (bc of old tie back surgery). bonus? it’s not that expensive, didnt’ require any drilling, and would be easy to unscrew the brackets if i needed to take it down for any reason. i can send you pics if you want.

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    1. Yes I might try that. Today due to his feed tub being all the way out in the (muddy ass) field he ate out of a bucket and was good as gold. GO FIGURE 🙂 UGh it is pouring here today….


  8. My friend installed a specific type of feeder in her stall for this and it worked so well another barn mate got one – will post link whenever she gets back to me


  9. We have permanent mangers we feed grain out of, but my mare RIPS all her hay out of it and eats off the ground, so she eats hay out of a big metal trough. Like, the water kind. (It’s out in her paddock, not the stall)

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