Gorgeous Weekend and Badonkadonks

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CURSING WORDPRESS FOREVER NOW. I had a completed blog it just ate for no reason but because it decided to erase it all.  I am so pissed off now. It was stellar and witty etc. etc that blog post (okay boring but still I worked hard to be clever ha). Grumble grumble grumble. (Update: I just found it in history but now I am mad and am just going to post as is as it tried to erase this one too). Maybe I should do all my blog posts like this!

Recap: Good weather for two days, bad weather is coming with cold weather and more rain, Tate is lame, Remus is fat, doesn’t come up to barn so I can work him, I don’t want to walk through mud over my kneees to get him, it needs to dry up., mud insane, big asses on both horses. There. DONE. I am not writing that shit out again. OMG. SO irritated.

You can see the images and gifs anyway. GRHHHHHH Enjoy!

Lame but cute
Never fear, Badonkadonk ass still there with dapples galore

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With NO RAIN at all
This is after 2.5 days
view (sunset)
view sunrise

Who else is ready for the weekend (on a Monday no less)? Just me? I will be over here drinking and having a tantrum….sigh. It just tried to do the same thing with this rewritten post but I was smart and cut and pasted elsewhere.

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How I feel today

11 thoughts on “Gorgeous Weekend and Badonkadonks

  1. Annoying. I finally got out of the new editor because it sucked. WordPress needs to get it together.

    That mud is awful. Even after 2 days of sun? Yuck. Is it another abscess for Tate? I hope he gets better soon.

    Is there an indoor arena near you you can pay a day use fee for? I found one near me and if it goes back to rain around here I’m going to use it. May be a nice option to work Remus while the weather sucks so bad.

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  2. Ugh, that’s frustrating! Your abbreviated version was still pretty funny though, so nice work! Your mud is extreme. I hope you can figure something out if it ever dries up to try and prevent some of that next year. Yuck.
    I’m with you, ready for the weekend for sure.

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  3. Oh my goodness, the MUD! 😦 Sorry it is not drying faster than that. Start saving up for replacing it with gravel for an all weather paddock?? We had serious mud when we first built our barn and I am telling you, replacing with gravel on my pathways around the barn and in the front part of paddocks was the BEST THING EVER. I never thought I would be so excited for gravel haha.

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    1. yes we are planning to get gravel down and do somethign with it when drought hits (It was very dry when we moved in in June and July was dry too). I also have plans on cross fencing the drier areas and maybe even putting a shed or barn (small) up in this small piece of property we have no use for on our land. It has water and I wonder about graveling it and fencing it in and putting a small shed up there for sacrifice in winter for the kids….its nice piece of land…maybe half an acre if that??

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