Schnauzer Saturday

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Schnauzer Saturday Hiatus coming this week (And I loved the FIRST season of this show it was classic!)

Schnauzer Saturday is going on a hiatus next week. I am off to visit my dad. The good news is that the dogs are going with me so I will have loads of photos of dogs on the road for Schnauzer Saturday in the near future. The bad news is I can’t fit the horses in the truck to bring with me to VA. HA. I hope Remus and Tate don’t take advantage of Mark too much! 🙂

She has the sweetest face (They both need grooming soon)!
Ollie is begging for French toast (he is eye level at breakfast bar here so he stands there and stares at us LOL)

Peeves the cat also gets a cameo today in Schnauzer Saturday. Here he is watching the robot vacuum very carefully! He is fifteen this year and very ancient and hyperthyroid so pardon his gaunt figure. He still can beat the snot out of Ollie most days which is hilarious to watch!

Happy Saturday! It is getting up to 60s today and tomorrow then staying warmer (supposed to hit 70 by Weds) but rainy and thunderstorms all next week. BOO HOO. MORE RAIN.  Good luck Mark. He will be glad when I get back (and I am sure the horses will feel the same! Hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather or at least staying warm if it is still cold where you are.

This is my favorite Dover dog coat I have. It is fleece on insde and waterproof on outside and attaches just like a tiny horse blanket! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday

  1. That coat is adorable. It’s deliciously warm and sunny today. Waiting for hubby to get off work so I can finally get in the arena and drag the parts that aren’t grass. Still debating on ripping it all out and putting manufactured sand in or leaving it as is and adding grass to make is a grass arena. Anyway… then riding!!

    Safe travels to see your dad!

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  2. Season one WAS the best!!! I struggled through a few more seasons but then ugggh, I couldn’t finish it. I might just have to watch the last episode to see which characters made it to the end 😂

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