I Like You (All) As You Are

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First I have to do a shout out to my husband Mark for taking care of the crazy Satan-pig fearing horses at home and the dogs and everything else. He is an anchor for me in my crazy ass world and I am thankful I have him. Thanks Mark! (And guys he managed to move the horses from stall to stall on his own last night, let’s give him a round of applause, seriously he is not horsey but he is getting there!).

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thanks Mark!

Meanwhile, I am still at Dad’s doing daughter duties but I just wanted to drop in and be a bit mushy. Feel free to stop reading but I hope you don’t. Because the response to my post the other day when I was so overwrought with everything going including the Satan Pig incident and Remus and Tate both getting out (and me not being able to find fat buckskin for a bit) and I had to travel and so much more. Was AMAZING!

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Bob was me this week!

To all of you who responded, I swear I got tears in my eyes (It is allergies dammit, I tell you).  The blogging community is incredible. You are all my very dear friends even if I never meet you (I hope I meet at least some of you this year!). You know who you are!

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My two year blogiversary is fast approaching (2 years in March!) and I just can’t imagine life without blogging (or without all my friends that you have become). I don’t write this blog to make money (as if!) or to sway public opinon or any other reason.

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I write from the heart or to vent or to express my humor in the situation. But you all encircled me when I started and keep on supporting me no matter how EFFED up my life gets. And it totally warms the heart!! I just wanted to write a quick post today (nothing that I write is short so quick but not short, sorry not sorry!) to tell you that you are all such special people. I have seen it time and time again on other blogs so I know it is not a fluke! 🙂

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Because well I like you! I like you all just as you are! I watched the Fred Rogers documentary on one of my flights the other day (yeah ended up flying to dad’s omg I could have put a damn good downpayment on a side by side or got a lot of hay for that price but it was just easier to fly) and it made me realize that first off Mr Rogers is still the man….from when I watched him as a child to even now that he is gone. (Watch this documentary when you can, it is amazing!!)

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If we all just emulated Mr. Rogers once in a while I think (no, I KNOW) the world would be a totally better place. But this blog world I am in now. Is totally the best place. Thank you all for being you! I TOLD YOU IT WOULD GET MUSHY!! I didn’t just start a blog. I got a LOT more friends writing this blog! Thank you all and I hope I am as supportive of you when a crisis hits (or just when you need to vent!). And before I end with the totally cheesy but perfect song for you all, I have to laugh that this blog encompassed Mr. Rogers, Cher from Clueless, Friends, Minions, and Bon Jovi. Not a bad combination if I do say so myself. HA!

I Like You As You Are

Lyrics by Josie Carey | Music by Fred Rogers

I like you as you are
Exactly and precisely
I think you turned out nicely
And I like you as you are

I like you as you are
Without a doubt or question

I like you, yes I do
I like you, Y-O-U
I like you, like you as you are

Once, more I want to say thanks again to all who read my blog. You all are the best! And now back to your regularly scheduled weekend!! Have a great one!

19 thoughts on “I Like You (All) As You Are

  1. ❤️❤️❤️ I almost texted you last night to tell you that I told Subi if I could find someone to buy him, I’d get rid of him. Then I proceeded to cry my eyes out while brushing/blanketing Batty and gave Batty and Jiminy peppermints while making “I hate you” comments to Subi. Not one of my finer moments, but at least I didn’t tell him I wished he were dead?

    This morning, cold, frozen ground and daylight, he was a saint. But the dark and mushy ground? Utter dangerous fool. Combination of his 2 least favorite things. Meanwhile prior to leading him, I changed blankets in the field without a halter or rope. He’s the only one I can do that with. I just don’t get this horse but rearing must stop. Going to do some in hand work today… I’ll text you…

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  2. aww ❤ ❤ ❤ i love this post and this whole blogging community too. it's kinda surreal to be like "this community has changed my life!" except, it's totally true. so many important people in my life today were made as connections through blogging. i'm glad you're one of them 🙂

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  3. Hugs!!! This community rocks and you do too! Crazy ass Satan Pig and all 🙂 Thanks for being there for me to vent about my stupid ass Appy 🙂 Enjoy your time away from the crazy farm. You know you really need to name your farm Satan Pig Farm now. I’ll buy the fancy sign if you do!

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  4. Awwww! I like you too! I hope your adventures get a little less exciting soon though. Not that you aren’t thoroughly entertaining with an actual feral pig in the ‘hood, but it would be lovely to read a nice calm post about you riding your horse one of these days!
    I saw that Mr Rogers doc this weekend too! It was so good. I miss him. He was good people.

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