Schnauzer Sunday: Blogging Takes a Back Seat

Bernie really needs to learn to relax πŸ™‚

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over and I haven’t blogged since last week. I am not sure why time is going so fast lately. I did have a lesson Friday and we got our shit together (at least better). Not only did we canter BOTH ways, but we even jumped quite a few jumps (and not just cross rails). We also walked around outside afterwards but by himself we didn’t go far due to his looky loo tendencies(the golf cart perplexed him going by, it made no noise compared to our Kubota so he was truly puzzled how it could be so quiet, he wasn’t spooky just looking).

Needless to say we had a MUCH better lesson this week because I A) I remembered my spurs and B) I remembered my crop. We cantered BOTH WAYS even. He was so much more responsive with the spurs. Go figure. He did throw in a big buck (for him) the bad way into the canter but I got him back into it. And we kept on cantering! Then we started over crossrails and he was so much better this week. Then she pointed me to an outside line with a crossrail to a gate and that gate had my brain in overdrive. We could NOT do that line right. We went long, we chipped in, we sucked. FINALLY we (READ ME) made him go more forward and we finished up on a good note. Good thing as it was getting sweltering by then and my butt sweat was pooling up. It is so hot in Tennessee right now even riding early in the morning doesn’t help with sweat. I hosed him off in the lovely cool wash stall in the barn, put his scrim sheet on, and loaded him up and home we went! I felt so much better after that lesson. Whew. I really was worried I was really messed up. HA. And I hated looking like a kid just learning to ride. Now I just look like one that has been riding a couple years!

Remus’s dapples are coming in now for winter. And he is bulking up for winter too (omg, so fat). But I am enjoying riding at the new barn and I really like the women who ride there they are funny and not above making fun of themselves. A few of them are riding some nice nice horses and they missed spots too so I felt better. And of course they all coo over Remus. Brat πŸ™‚ #cutestbuckskinever πŸ™‚

Image result for mr freeze gif
I wish (almost)Β 

Otherwise, the other fur kids are just keeping as cool as they can. It is supposed to be almost 100 this week not including the heat index. UGH.Β  I will be there in the kitchen with my face shoved in the freezer if you need me!

On the way to the groomer!
rare photo of all three dogs!
Mark and I are doing the challenge so if we can we walk the dogs (Ollie and Bernie, too hot for Gretch) if we can’t do anything else that day workout wise. Walking out to the end of our road is about 30 minutes back and forth and it seems to exhaust the dogs! (Ollie and Mark got ahead of us while I stopped to take a photo the other day!)Β 

We got a new top load washer and a new dryer this week so I am very excited. I hated the front loaders that came with the house and we sold them on craigslist last weekend and I had to go a whole week without a washer. IN TENNESSEE, the land of sweat and humidity. But I can wash again now! So happy!

Related image

And Mark finished painting some of the rooms I will have to share before and after photos laster this week (too tired now and need to hit the hay). The people who lived here before us had ummm….questionable color taste. πŸ™‚ Now if we could get some cooler weather things would be better.

And how was everyone else’s weekend? Is anyone else as irritated that Monday is creeping ever closer? No just me?

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16 thoughts on “Schnauzer Sunday: Blogging Takes a Back Seat

  1. Watching A-circuit horse shows really solidified it in my mind that no matter how nice the horse the riders will and can make errors on the way to the fence – so we should never let fear of making a mistake stop us from trying! Glad you were able to get a lovely lesson in and Remus was a good boy. Hopefully things cool down sooner for you!

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    1. I think I haven’t ridden with people in so long that I forgot that. Not that any of them were that bad but they messed up and they owned it and nine times out of ten it was the rider’s fault. I am so glad I am not alone!! πŸ™‚ He really was a good boy. I can’t complain (except re the buck and i used my spur so ehhh)


  2. Yay for lessons!!!! I’m so glad that’s going better. And maybe even was fun?? Remus is looking extra handsome with the winter dapples though.
    I can’t believe it’s still so hot there. It’s getting stupid cold here already. The horses are fuzzy. It’s depressing. Why can’t it just be low 80’s with no humidity for ever and ever? Sheesh. Is that really so much to ask?

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  3. We got a top load washer as well – heard much better things about them than the front loading ones. We’ve been up to our eyeballs in home improvement projects but that’s honestly my fault. Bryan’s a trooper for executing on all of them. In this heat too. Stay cool!


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