Gravel Work Done By Stalls: Oh So Pretty!

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How my paddock feels now!

We got the paddock area by the stalls done on Friday. We didn’t do the whole paddock due to cost but  we knew the worst part was the going in and out of the barn stall doors and knew that the build up of mud and muck was the downfall for that particular area. Even without horses, look at photos below (Remus hasnt been here since early December!).



And this is dry!! Compared to other weeks….



We got a local company to come and do it for us and his quote while high(ish) was reasonable considering the amount of work he did. He first dug down the muck and dumped it elsewhere. Then he had the gravel trucks come in and drop gravel. He started with larger rocks underneath (it went down 10 inches lower than barn at the third door which considering we don’t use that stall it is amazing how bad it was and how much water drained that way).  He then put the limestone and smaller rock on top of the bigger rock.


He then spread it all and packed it down. So you go from this:

To the finished project!

How beautiful is that??

BEFORE: May 21, 2018IMG_0096

We hadn’t even moved in yet and look at that mud over there to the right! This was before we even bought the place yet I think?

AFTER: February 28, 2020

IMG_4669 (1)Better right? SO MUCH better. It helps that we don’t have horses on it now he says it will settle better without that. So that is excellent. I could just sit and look at it and marvel (doesn’t everyone just stare at projects like this), no just me? 🙂

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Due to it still being winter you can even see our lakefront view as well so I took a photo. Once the trees fill in we won’t see it again.


Happy weekend all!! I have a lesson Sunday so back at it with Remus this weekend!!

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Me each time I go to ride my horse. Speaking of did anyone watch the Netflix movie The Unicorn Store?? HAHAHAHA we watched it last night!

15 thoughts on “Gravel Work Done By Stalls: Oh So Pretty!

  1. I could stare at fresh gravel all day! And I’d be tempted to not let horses out there again! lol I’m saving up for some gravel for hopefully this fall to fix a couple of bad spots at my place.

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    1. it is so nice….i hope you get to do this with Bridget stall soon!! Of course i dont want to bring Remus home due to i dont want him to mess up the pretty 🙂 HA!


  2. oh wow such an improvement! I remember us talking about you getting that done before you even moved in, so I’m happy you got it done! It’s going to make a huge difference. (in your life and in your property value 😉 )

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    1. it was awful but dang if i didnt’ watch every minute of it and enjoyed it. HA….I think it helped that Samual Jackson and Brie Larson and whomever the actor who played Virgil were all entertaining 🙂 I have seen a lot work on Netflix for sure (and a lot better)


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