Friday Foray: Stuck at Home, What To Eat?

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So I am going off on a tangent now. No real horsey updates except Remus and donkeys are all doing fine (separated from each other by 20-30 miles as Remus prefers it) and nothing is going on here at home except for my dog fence is being finally put in as I type. (YAY!).

Yes they are in the apartment’s dog yard, why not? HA they can’t be out front due to fence building….ps look how dry it actually is in the paddock!

So let’s talk what kind of meals and/or meal kits you all are doing in this time we are at home. (I am ignoring the fact that parts of TN are opening up I am still staying home when I can as much as possible and except for take out once or twice a week, we are cooking at home still).

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I have used Blue Apron and Hello Fresh before. I ended up swapping to Hello Fresh after Blue Apron and FedEx could NOT find our house three times in a row once we were in TN. Yes, let’s not dwell on that. I haven’t used Hello Fresh for months but now I am tired of figuring out what to cook on my own (Mark is kind of useless with this, love ya, honey). I have been using Imperfect Foods to get some fruit, produce, meat etc. but even though I liked what I got I am not thrilled with the packaging. Way too much cardboard and I have had to be credited three weeks in a row for damages (they literally throw in a HUGE icepack in the box which melts and all the fruit, veg, meat, etc. are in there being tossed around with the wet ice pack). My asparagus came all broken in half the other day and an apple was torn into three pieces another time.

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It is like getting a big tossed salad you did NOT ask for. So I am skipping that box from Imperfect this week. I am toying with starting Hello Fresh again but then thought I would ask you all how are you doing  your meals? Those of you who literally have a whiteboard up with a month’s worth of meals planned out and stuff in your freezer ready to serve along with a list of homemade recipes at your fingers, please do not comment. I admire you but will never be you. Thanks anyway.

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Those who are scrambling to make good meals with what you can find, those are the people I want to hear from. Do you have meal kits you are using now? If so which ones are they? Any bad ones to stay away from? Let me know!! Pretty please! Anyone have any codes for  new ones I haven’t used? I have Hello Fresh and Imperfect coupons or codes if anyone is interested and am happy to share with you. Gofugyourself has another chat going on this time about meal planning as well if you are bored.

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Lastly, just a couple more donkey photos to make you smile. Because we all need donkey photos. Happy weekend to all!!

19 thoughts on “Friday Foray: Stuck at Home, What To Eat?

  1. Tacos are always the answer.

    But in all seriousness, we’ve been stocking up general things like rice, different veg and different meats, and then just kinda rotating through. We got tired of chicken + veg + rice, so we did stir fry. Then we did basically meat + veg + rice but stuffed it in a bell pepper and topped with cheese. Pretty much the same ingredients but different spices and different ways of serving.

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  2. I use Freshly. It’s decent and everything is already cooked which I like best cause we all know I don’t really cook. Like ever. I feel like right now the menu is a little blah, but there are some weeks where it’s hard to pick because everything sounds amazing. It changes up often enough to not get too bored. They do ship with Fedex though, so it’s possible that could still be an issue for you.
    Here’s my referral link if you want to try it out (no pressure, just that we’d both get a $20 discount if you use it):

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  3. I liked Hello Fresh for a while but the family plans got very repetitive. Then they took one option and made it $$$ as an upgrade, always had a burger which wasn’t worth the money and my options got even smaller. Maybe it’s changed. I haven’t tried any of the other services to comment. I got an Instapot for Christmas from my mom and I love that thing. I know you’d still have to plan but I’ve made hibachi steak, chicken lo me in, some awesome cheesy pastas. It’s quick, easy and all in one pot so clean up is a breeze

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    1. thanks!! yes I just am trying two meals with Hello Fresh this week for shits and giggles. I do have an Instapot and it is in my pantry NEVER USED (I have had it since before we moved to TN) smack me now:) HA HA HA I will email you for some recipes!! 🙂 thanks!


  4. Meal planning LOLOL. I wish I were one of those ppl. It’s gotten hot in Texas (surprise surprise) so we are back to eating big salads. Basically everything you’ve got in the fridge and throw it on a bed of spinach leaves. We did get a new smoker so we have smoked some salmon (yum)

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    1. ohh tell me more about this smoker. My husband has stomach issues and an only eat so much salad (aka lettuce, spinach et al) but need to start doing some! thanks!!


      1. All I’m going to say is thank goodness my husband cooks because otherwise I would be living on m&m’s, cheese, and wine 😂

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  5. Sooooo I cooked for a while at first – felt better too with eating healthy and whatnot. Now I’m really tired of cooking because the meals I make are a bit redundant and I’m tired of them lolol. So now I’ve been ordering take out delivery through Postmates again, and will be going to the grocery store today to get some frozen meals and easy things to make haha. So I don’t think I’m any help LOL!!!

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  6. I graze on whatever is in my house and looks good. Sometimes that means I have chicken nuggets. Sometimes fruit. Sometimes ice cream. My diet is not what one would call ‘planned’ or cohesive. Rue the day I’m responsible for feeding more than myself…

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