Pandemic Purging….At Its Finest

Cutest mascots around….I have to say. LOOK at those faces….

As most of you know I sold my trailer right at the beginning of the pandemic shut down/crazy world shit. A guy pulled up to look at it and offered me cash on the spot. I think this was March 16th as we were not shaking hands even then and we stood our distance. They love the trailer and I got a fair price for it (it needed new tires and some other odds and ends). Meanwhile I haven’t bought a new one. Yet. Looking for a bumper pull two horse with dressing room. It is on my list to find one soon. I can only find slants nearby so who knows what I will end up with.

Go Shopping GIF by GIF Factory | Gfycat
Must go shopping soon for trailer and saddle 🙂 I hope to have this much fun doing it.

AND I sold my saddle this week. YES I did. This is pandemic purging at its finest! The reasoning? I really really need the 18 inch not the 17.5 inch I have been squeezing my ass in to ride in each week. I reached out to someone who had been looking on Facebook (Emily turned me onto the Stubben sale Facebook page so this is REALLY her fault,yes I am going to point my finger at her and blame her…) and the buyer was actually in Arkansas so we arranged to meet on Monday and swapped money for saddle (I took the cash home and she took the saddle home) and she tried it on both her horses and it is a YES she is keeping it. So that is done.

The Purge' Recap: 'Grief Box' - Fan Fest | For Fans, By Fans

Meanwhile. I have no saddle. WHOMP WHOMP. So I know what I want. I want a 29 inch Stubben with a 18 inch seat. I do love the Optimum Zaria monoflap which is what I had so I hope to find one of them (or maybe a different Stubben, I sold my girth with my saddle so don’t need to worry about that right this second). But I didn’t want to buy it outright without selling mine first. Well that happened. I have cash to spend. So I am on the hunt for a trailer AND a saddle. I am either really really savvy or batshit crazy. Who knows. (All of you shut up I know I am batshit crazy no need to say it!) 🙂

One of these please. With an 18″ inch seat. Yes I will take fries with that…

The best thing is the person who bought my saddle, events. And has a trainer in Arkansas. Which is like 2. 5 hours give or take from me. SO yay. I could haul down there once in a while for lessons (ONCE I get a trailer and saddle that is). Baby steps people.

Huey and Louie are still around. Dewey is not 😦

Where Remus is boarding, I can borrow a saddle for my lesson this week. They have plenty. But I definitely need to get looking. And for five seconds I was like…I CAN BUY ANYTHING. But no. I don’t want to get on the saddle shopping bandwagon. That was hard. And crazy. So no I am going to stick with Stubben. I think. Hahaha

Our sky the other day before torrential rain. Crazy no?
the sky was angry….

Anyone else have this purging problem? Just me? Please tell me it is all going to be okay and it is not just me. Oh and I signed up for the CT. With no saddle. Or trailer.

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Anyway that is my week so far!! How is yours going?

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Truth 🙂



22 thoughts on “Pandemic Purging….At Its Finest

  1. I have sorted out some things to get ride of… but nothing like saddles or trailers! Lol! I usually buy the new saddle first then sell the old. But then that leads to having too many… I did sell a couple of saddles last year, but I still have one that needs to go. And someday I need a new one with a larger seat, too… or drop 20 lbs. But probably the new saddle is easier.

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  2. Lol!!! I just keep collecting ALL THE THINGS!!!! Though I’ve been purging small things like saddle pads…and blankets…though I actually have to get rid of the blankets not just decide which ones gotta go hahaha

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  3. I really like the Zaria! It didn’t fit Bridget’s wideness, but I’m hopeful when Sophie gets her forever saddle it will work for her. I’m also trailer shopping (albeit not actually getting anything until later this summer). I really should purge a lot of old tack and things tho 😀

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    1. yes i am lucky for some reason as wide as Remus is in other saddles he fits in the MN size of the Stubben trees. 🙂 Sophie seems to me like she would be not quite as wide 😉


  4. I think it’s AWESOME that you’ve been able to purge and have cash on hand to enjoy shopping with. Super fun. Way better than shopping when you don’t “need” to hahaha

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  5. I love purging. It makes me feel so good to get rid of things and have cash in hand. Right now I’m down to the nitty gritty that I need so nothing to purge at the moment though I did go on a bit of a spending spree when Eeyore got hurt. I went looking for ice boots and ended up with a saddle pad, two pairs of half chaps and myriad of other little things. Ooops. Now to have a sound horse to use it all on. I’m also trying to convince the Hubby we need to trade my trailer in and get the 2+1 of my dreams but so far it isn’t working. Something about the near $30k price tag or something. HA!

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    1. hahahaha all I can seem to find used are goosenecks and my property is too tight for that. And hey.. you needed to shop for comfort! 🙂 Hope E is doing better! (And yes I feel much better on not having to put a saddle on a CC but rather pay cash!)


  6. I think my favorite part of this post is that at the end you’re like “I signed up for a CT! With no trailer or saddle.”
    HA HA! I bet it’ll all work out. And I am glad you know what you want! That’s half the battle!

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  7. I felt saddle-less the other day when I showed up to to ride Rio without a girth… so I made my friend get on him bareback because I am evil. She said “how is he bareback?” I said “Oh, he’s great!” I have never ridden him bareback. It went well though so I’ll chalk that up to a win. I hope you find one soon and dont have to revert to bareback rides!!

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