Ulric Equestrian Center Combined Training: We Jump, We Win!

How beautiful is he? PC Alexis Ellman

Sorry for the delay. As most of you know I had a loss this week of Peeves my cat so my world has been a bit shifted around. The crisis going on as well in the United States and the current state of the world had me think maybe I shouldn’t be trivial and post such things as me jumping at a show. But dang it I have video so I am posting it. I hope no one will think less of me. I truly am not trying to be offensive in any way!

Peeves as a kitty with Max our schnauzer. OMG that was like 16 years ago! Time flies!

But anyway, thank you for all the kind thoughts regarding my loss of Peeves. It is truly appreciated. And now ON WITH THE SHOW!

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As most shows go everything was behind until it wasn’t behind then it was hurry up and wait! I had luckily begun tacking Remus back up before all that happened but still. It was amazing how long we were waiting then it was full steam ahead. And when I say steam I mean hot as hades steam! Remus was not excited about being back under saddle. Neither was I. I had learned the course earlier and realized that they had modified it a bit after the higher levels by taking the two stride out so just one jump was there and leaving the big effing OXER IN. Umm hello?? OMG. I am going to die, was my first thought. Second thought, Damn it is hot out. That oxer was huge to me. I was second guessing my desire to show at all by this time. HA!

PC Alexis Ellman

They let us warm up but it was a damn zoo so I literally jumped two jumps. No one had control of their horses and I was like nope, not my day to fight this. One jump was the oxer. The other was a vertical which Remus barely made it over and knocked a pole. OH THIS BODES REALLY WELL. Remus was like, home please.  NOW!

I'm at home sick, can some one please entertain me. - GIF on Imgur
Remus….calling my bluff….

I cantered him around before leaving the ring just to get some of his blood pumping. Then we went in first (I had asked to be first. Man, I am stupid at times!). That oxer was scaring me silly just trotting around the ring. Remus had NO gas at all. UGH. I just kept thinking move him forward and try to not hit any jumps. We just need to go clear (I still didn’t know I was in the lead!). So off we went. It was not pretty. But we were clear. Somehow. I even gave  him a tap over oxer since he sucked back going up to it and I was like we are totally hitting that thing. Luckily we didn’t.  One jump was so small and thenI had that damn oxer to contend with. It was wide and tall for starter were my thoughts! We only had one jump left after that and we collapsed both so happy we were done. I literally got off as we exited the ring and had to go sit in the shade before going and cooling Remus off.

Things to take home: MOVE him forward, SIT UP, STOP leaning forward, and LIFT My hands. But we were clear. See below. It is not the most elegant round ever seen for sure. OMG. SO HOT. But we did it.

I took him back to the trailer and untacked him and cooled him out some more then loaded him. They hadn’t even finished my division before we were heading home. I told them if I placed I would get the ribbon later. I wasn’t even back to Trinity before someone texted me saying we had won the division! WOOHHOO finishing on our dressage score of 35. There were about 8-9 in my divison (mostly kids, so what)! I was thrilled. I was also sucking down water like there was no tomorrow.  Remus was happy to be back home to eat his dinner and get turned out into his cool pasture with his buddy Murphy.

I MUST remember to breathe! PC Alexis Ellman

So I will collect my ribbon and prize sometime (I think we won another halter). Remus was a good boy even if not brilliant. Considering we haven’t jumped more than five jumps in row in a year and not all that high, I think we did okay!! Lots to learn on but hey first show of 2020 is under our belt! In a borrowed saddle no less! And a borrowed trailer. I am a mess! 🙂

How we both felt at the end. DONE! PC Alexis Ellman


30 thoughts on “Ulric Equestrian Center Combined Training: We Jump, We Win!

  1. Congratulations to you and Remus on your win! You got out there, did your thing, survived the heat and had a good time. Sounds like a great day in my book!

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  2. Man the heat just takes it out of you, I know that feeling. But y’all looked great and the scary oxer looked perfect! Remus now thinks he’s done enough work for all of 2020…

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