Good Lesson and Wild Cats

Handsome boy!

Some things never change. Remus was great in his lesson and the cats are still wild!

Jake looks a bit psycho in this photo. Maybe he is?

It was a bit chilly for our lesson this past weekend but Remus was still lazy. The good thing is that he is cantering so much better since Adequan and he usually wakes up enough once we point toward jumps. So I can’t say it is a hassle riding him lately. We always mess up the first couple fences but then we figure it out and we did our last jumps with a tight roll back and not only did we do it perfect but we actually got the correct lead (OH MICHELE why don’t you do that more often with putting your weight in your stirrup on the side you want the lead in). ONCE IN A WHILE I get it right. HA! Not often enough.

How he really felt…

It was a fun lesson and I am going to try to join a Wednesday night lesson with the same adults due to A) Remus seems more alert AKA forward at night and B) I need to ride more. Wish me luck!! It is spooky in that ring at night (They have lights but they are not bright). Fingers crossed. I don’t like jumping in the evening though but hopefully it goes well.

Things seen while getting coffee before your lesson. Yes this is a Wendy’s drive-thru.

The cats. OMG the cats. We tried to put a tree up yesterday. TRIED!


I didn’t even get the bottom half plugged in before they were gnawing on it. I got it put together and admired it for five seconds before they knocked it over or chewed through the cords.

hell cats (Tina is not shown but she was involved too)

That tree is on the front porch now OUTSIDE where they can’t reach it. Live and learn. HA! Also a quick donkey cameo. The day was gloomy when I took these photos. But their winter coats are coming in and omg they are so cute and fuzzy! They aren’t much tamer but they know me by sight now and bray when they see me and follow me up to the barn.

Happy Monday (Can it be a Happy Monday if it is in fact Monday? Let me ponder that a bit)!

4 thoughts on “Good Lesson and Wild Cats

    1. ehh not in the holiday spirit at all but trying. Ready to kill my dad we may need to start a support group 🙂 (And i am joking when I say kill, maybe just hurt slightly?) Hope your dad is doing well and you guys are doing okay too!


  1. I nearly forgot about the donkeys! So nice to see them!
    Sounds like things are going great with Remus! I’m with you, prefer jumping on the weekends when it’s not late. But sounds like a fun group, so I’m sure Wednesday will be a good time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it will be fun for sure. I just have trouble seeing in the dark even with lights without my glasses…soooo 🙂 Oh yeah Donkeys still here. UGH I may send them to you hahaha to tame them down;)


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