Still Crazy, Still Chugging Along….

May be an image of horse and outdoors

We are having some decent weather, not hot but not chilly either. I had a lesson last week in the evening and I remember why I dont like lessons in Sept/Oct it gets dark way too early. We have ‘lights’ in the ring but……I have enough problem seeing distances in full daylight, I definitely have issues with dark corners and it affects Remus (I know he can see better than me but if his mom is looky and not assertive he thinks there might be something to it!). Call me paranoid whatever. I will be riding daytime from now on. We had a good lesson but our jumping..left a lot to be desired. But I didn’t fall off like my lesson mate did so hey, win ??

May be an image of horse and outdoors

Work is insane still. But slowing a tad bit down. Otherwise the days are flying by and it is getting darker and darker earlier and earlier. UGH. I love Fall but not the darkness. Minis are getting woolier, Remus and Luna both are getting darker and more dapply.

May be an image of horse and outdoors

I have a clinic next weekend with Hilda Donahue which I am looking forward to. I even coerced a barnmate to go with so I am pulling her to the eventing dark side.

No description available.

Otherwise life just keeps going on. My neighbors went away this week so I have been tending their chickens and they just started laying lately so Ii have tons of eggs. Another win :). Also they are really funny the way they tuck themselves in at night and all I have to do is shut the door and say night night (and check for eggs).


Otherwise happy Friday to all! I want to get back to blogging in a semi-normal pattern soon.
Until then enjoy Barbie and Cherry in their mutual-grooming habitat!!

4 thoughts on “Still Crazy, Still Chugging Along….

  1. The minis are definitely getting fuzzy – how cute! We need better outdoor lights for the outdoor arena… here’s to hoping the college equestrian team thinks so too!


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