This and That and the Other

I have no idea where the hell that last week went.

so much better slowly looking like a real mane 🙂

Well I traveled three days of it so maybe that was it but I totally was going to blog and umm didn’t?

alas this was the line to check your bags not to get into pub. I ended up running outside to bag check at curb. Crazy times
I do love me some Wawa and there was one right in downtown DC five min from the office! OMG SO HAPPY

Anyhoo, my trip to DC and back sucked hugely. Delayed going, unloaded off one plane to another. Coming back I got in at 1:30 am. Yes. Delayed again, though we did end up going on the original plane and was told no service due to weather. The flight was not that bumpy at all but whatever. Also on the way going they forgot to load snacks and drinks on the 2nd plane. OOPSIE.

American Air was really on its game last week. Or not. I did love the Wawa and hitting that several times (2 dollar freshly brewed large ice coffee, yes please!!). I also introduced a coworker into the Wawa experience! It was great to be with my coworkers again (and meet some new ones!) and the retreat was great and I came back with a lot of takeaways to apply to my daily working schedule. So that was good.

Remus would like a vacation from the heat!

I got back and buried myself in work. It was actually a nice week weather wise but now it is HOT as HADES (as in 106 and up heat index the next ten days with actual temps close to 100). YEEHAW why did we move to TN?

I did get to go see Luna on Sunday and rode Remus in a lesson on Saturday BEFORE THE HEAT HIT THE FAN. I worked on Luna’s mane while she was grazing in the round pen. Two year old loose while pulling the mane. No problem. What a good girl!

How is everyone doing? Did I miss anything huge? I need a nap and it is 11 am on Monday am. Not a good start to the week. OH and my work is NUTS. See you in a week or two (or three)?

BUT I GOT THE TRUCK BACK! AND I AM IN LOVE AGAIN it is kind of like getting a brand new truck (new dash, new steering wheel, new airbags (duh), new grill (that is like 2 years newer than the truck), new hood, new fenders, and so on!

so pretty

Sidebar what the F is wrong with WordPress? Anyone else having issues inserting photos? They seem to want to make you spend as much time as possible to find that tiny plus sign so it takes 40 minutes rather than the 10 minutes it should. ALSO the sizing of photos have gone insane. That photo of Remus I tried to reduce it a thousand times, it is postage sized on my draft but HUGE as F on the blog post. Oh well. Enjoy the super large Remus-size.

Anyone else notice the more they improve the more it sucks? Just me. Okay. 🙂 Happy Monday!

Me to WordPress

5 thoughts on “This and That and the Other

    1. yeah and now it is too hot to haul anywhere. whomp whomp. You know i can deal with the heat but not when the long forecast shows every day in the high 90s for two weeks 😦 stay cool if nothing else go sit in the freezer 🙂


  1. My guess is Remus did something to your wordpress so his pics are the biggest. It’s the only logical explanation. Glad you have the truck back! Both horses are looking especially adorable. I hope work calms down for you soon!

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