Mondays! (I mean Tuesdays!)

I swear I always plan to post on Monday then before I know it it is Tuesday. How does that happen?
Still hot, still dry, still gross. Pretty sure we are going to be like this till October or so. I do not know who turned the heat on outside but they need to adjust it soon. Or at least rain.

I had a great lesson on Remus last week. I actually had TWO lessons. One was a ground lesson because it was on Thursday evening and it was hot as fire but it was so much fun. We did this fun ground exercises that I need to get info on so I can explain to you all. Remus even joined in. It was very interesting and involved communicating with the horse. If it sounds mumbo jumbo it wasn’t it was fun. More to come.

Me to Remus

Then I went back out Sunday morning early for a lesson on Remus. The first thing that happened and I have no proof of this because dumbass me left my phone on my trunk, Remus saw me at the gate, whinnied and cantered down the hill into the ditch and up to the gate. Be still my heart. SO CUTE. I wish I could have gotten it on video. I am sure he will never do it again HA! But all of us know how it feels.

yes this is how it felt 🙂 a girl and her pony

It was still hot but for some reason (or someone sacrificed something?) it was cooler than it had been with a nice breeze. We warmed up a bit and then started popping over some smallish jumps. Remus was being pretty good for him. Lazy yes, but not as bad the previous week. I messed up some of them but guys, I got media thanks to Poppy videoing. Do they suck yes, but hey it is media of the cutest buckskin around soo I will take it. Please don’t judge me for shitty riding! 🙂

I did just check the weather and we have a very good chance of storms tonight. Maybe some rain will come too. Fingers crossed (My barn will flood but oh well we need rain…).

Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Mondays! (I mean Tuesdays!)

  1. It’s been hot as an oven during Thanksgiving here lol Altho for real, come to Vegas when it’s 115 if you ever want to know what baking feels like lol. And yay for jumping!! Remus is like, “oh jumps! sweet” then in between, “oh lord, why is it so hoooooottt.” lololol you guys look adorable ❤ I mean, it's way more than I can do at the moment, so I shall live vicariously through you lol

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  2. Great GIFs as usual! Especially love the one with the girl and the pony. You and Remus look like you were having fun out there. Hope there is a little bit of rain and some cooler weather for you soon. I easily melt in this Summer heat too.

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  3. Yay for jompies!!! You guys are looking good! Especially considering you haven’t been riding much. Your new saddle puts you in a much better position.
    I hope you get some rain! We could use some here too. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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  4. I can’t wait to hear more about this “Mumbo Jumbo”….better yet…to DO more of it with you and Remus! He was a Little Rock Star!

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