A Snippet of an Update from Me…..

I was going to write about my lesson this past weekend on Remus. It was hot but we got there early and it was not scorching and my horse was pretty good.

We did a lot of gymnastics kind of jumps and it was fun and I did not vomit. But now that two days have gone by I forgot a lot of what I was going to say. So oops. Work kind of took over yesterday and today is not much better so that witty blog post I was going to do. Has gone bye bye. Let’s just paraphrase that I had fun because I rode with two ten year old’s and that was about my emotional weight (these ten year old’s are cool as shit so that was not a ding!)

Ollie went to the vet for routine stuff this week and I had to get a closeup 🙂

We got an inch of rain on Monday and cooler temps for a day. Thanks Mother Nature we do appreciate it. However the rest of July into August resembles the side of the sun or actual hell depending on the day.

I can’t with temps in the low 100s (Real temps not heat index). I am tired of it. (Actually Sunday was showing 103 so that has changed big whoop 100 will be so much cooler! (Sarcasm!)). And an inch of rain does NOT make up for a month or more of no rain. It is just gross.

Other things going on: we have a family of raccoons hanging out now. They are pretty cute!

And lastly, the Chincoteague Pony Swim is upon us. Alas, this year they went with a different auction company and I do not like the interface. I am sure they are doing it in person I assume this year so they cut costs but you have to click each one separately to see photos and they don’t have enough detail. And they are odd sized photos. OH WELL. No enabling from me. But go check it out if you are inclined. Who am I kidding, I am always an enabler! Actually they are selling Maureen Beebe’s saddle (it is the last lot of the sale). Which is kind of cool if you grew up on Misty of Chincoteague like I did.

Happy Tuesday! Or Hot Tuesday if you are somewhere like Tennessee!

6 thoughts on “A Snippet of an Update from Me…..

  1. Will I ever stop complaining about how hot it is? Probably not until December. Dalton has a lot of complaints to write in about the heat as well. Stay cool and send us some rain!

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  2. I guess I can’t complain too much about our heat wave since we’re only expecting 6-7 days in the 90s but for the mid-atlantic, it’s still hot. I’ll take my mid 80s thank you very much! This trying to be on my horse by 9am is exhausting!

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