Happy Birthday To Me (and my Sister and my Husband and my Dad)!

Crazy Ripley Believe or Not shit, but yes we all share the same birthday. I have been on this planet for 56 years which is so odd since I still feel 28 some days (and 99 other days)!

I didn’t ride this past weekend (STILL SO HOT) but we went out to see Remus and he did that cute run to the gate thing he has started doing when he sees me. First off MUST TAKE MY PHONE OUT TO FIELD, second, Mark got to witness it this time, and thirdly I think Remus wanted a bath and to sit in front of his fan more than seeing me but hey I will take it.

I put Mark to work. Since he treats Remus like an overgrown golden retriever the two of them get along fine!

laziest cats in the world pretty sure!
my boys…

Supposedly we are going to get a weather break (and maybe some rain even) later this week. If that happens that will be enough birthday present for me. I am tired of it, my geese are tired of it, the raccoons, the minis, Remus, you name it we are all tired of scorching every day (and high 80s at night is gross too). Bring on Fall. UGH


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me (and my Sister and my Husband and my Dad)!

  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you and your (nearly) entire family! Hope you got some rain and relief from the heat! It never rains here anymore. But I’m afraid to say that too loud or we’ll end up like KY. Mother Nature has been a lot lately.

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