This line’s mostly filler: Dogs, cat, and a dash of Remus

Remus cc
Last year photo: A fatter, rounder buckskin and leaner less round me (How times change!)

I haven’t had a lot of time for Remus stuff lately besides shedding him out (long hair, why will you not leave and go far far away??) and just trying to get him in better shape (he is looking better but still not fat, but I think he is gaining a bit of weight). He has dapples and is shiny (albeit a darker buckskin this year than usual).  He seems happy and I swapped his smartpak around and got him on smart digest instead of this metabolic thing. Watch him puff up into a meringue again this Summer, SIGH.

I am dithering about cross country schooling at Windurra on Sunday. It is supposed to be in the 80’s (so the slow unmotivated Remus might come out to play), he really is not in shape, but on the other hand: cc schooling!!, SALLY, and I have never ridden at Windurra. Fingers crossed my subconscious talks me into it (I have total conversations discussing things to myself, anyone else??)

My friend Kym (who is an awesome rider and has evented a HECK of a lot higher than me) is actually going to start riding Remus some since I am entering my busy time at work  so I am excited about that and hope I can talk her into an event with him sometime so I can watch him go! That would be fun and I am sure he would jump more forward with someone who wasn’t nervous and feeling like throwing up. Stay tuned.

I figured since I had no real info on said horse today I would introduce some of my other critters (Some of you may know them already from Instagram)!


Ollie pretty
Seriously the cutest….

I guess it has been three years since we adopted this little guy. Seriously, he is photogenic as heck and is such a brat but so funny and crazy we love him to death.  (Monkey dog is his handle from when Amanda and Michelle came up for Fair Hill last Fall and it kind of stuck).When we got him we had one schnauzer left from our Texas crew (Alfie) who died in 2015 so Ollie was on his own a bit after that until we adopted Gretchen.


gretch and ollie
Where are we going? Do you have our bags packed??


We adopted Gretchen in October 2015. No history on her, she was found trotting down the side of the road down by the Delaware beaches. She had no hair and horrible eyes when we got her (poor care had taken its toll) and she had 12 teeth pulled before we picked her up. When I met her at the shelter she crawled into my lap and my husband knew I was getting her. She has been a wonderful addition and even though we have no idea how old she is we don’t care. She plays with Ollie like a hellion, she snores loudly at night, and yaps like a schnauzer. Bring it on. We love her completely. She is our fourth schnauzer. (all rescues but Alfie).  Her hair has grown in perfectly and her eyes are so much better so she won when we picked her up! So did we!

They love each other intensely and it cracks me up as they seem so bonded but never knew each other at first. Gretchen does NOT like a lot of other dogs so we are lucky Ollie is so even-keeled that they fit together like they did. We do call them raptors when they are together as they seem to get in more trouble together than when they are apart.


Gretc and peeves
Why you in my space, cat?

This one is our only animal left from Texas (We came back to Delaware from Texas in 2009 with 4 dogs, 1 cat, and a bird. Yes the cat is all that is left!) Peeves is a special character. He honestly thinks he is a dog since he was raised with all dogs. He gets so upset if a cat is in his yard cause he seriously doesn’t know what it is! Crazy cat. Gretchen is not as enamored of him as Ollie is (Ollie and Peeves can have full-blown grooming sessions and rough housing too) but Peeves even though a pain in the butt fits in pretty well. He is a Manx cat that I picked up at the Taylor Sale in Texas one weekend without telling my husband (Hey I had been known to bring horses home so he should have been happy it was a bitty bitty kitty.) Too many Coors Lights that day. ANYWAY, he is part of the family. (Though once he is gone ,NO MORE CATS).

That is my crew. They are spoiled rotten, get way too much money spent on them, and pretty much rule the roost. How do your critters rule your life?

Go away you bother my nap-time.
all three
Fight Club!





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