Traveling (in a plane): Ugh

Disclaimer I did not get a cat toy in my bark box this month that is a real cat 🙂 I have ridden Remus in a lesson or two, he feels superb after his Adequan cocktail so yay. He is almost bouncy which my long-term followers know NEVER happens! But this post is not about … Continue reading Traveling (in a plane): Ugh

Minis (Small but Mighty and a Pain in the Butt)

cute aren't they (Evil on left, Sweet on right) Time for an update on the princess and the witch. Barbie is the princess. Well-behaved and sweet, she is lovely to mess with and do anything to (Remember she was tubed without sedation). A PRINCESS! Barbie Cherry Then there is the witch. That is Cherry (who … Continue reading Minis (Small but Mighty and a Pain in the Butt)