Austin Here I Come!

Sums my week up PERFECTLY!


In 2009, I pulled out of Houston with a U-Haul, and two dogs and a cat in my truck. Heading north back up to Virginia. Three days later I arrived at my parents’s house and was back in the Northeast. I still miss Texas to this day. My husband and I always talk about moving back some day. (Yes I know HEAT, SNAKES and so on but I still liked it there).

So I was excited when we signed Austin for the 2018 Conference (Sidebar: I work at a Literacy Council and we put on Conferences!). So the first site visit is coming up and I managed to squeeze a day here and there to see people!! YAY.


I fly out tomorrow night late. My site visit is actually not till Tuesday so I get some time to do other stuff rather than just seeing downtown Austin. I grab my car at the airport tomorrow night then head toward BFE or wherever Amanda is showing at on Sunday.

So yes I get to meet the Great and Talented Henry and all his derp. Can’t wait.

Shamelessly stolen from the900facebookpony blog 🙂  But I think it shows us his magnificence!

Amanda has graciously allowed me a place to stay on Sunday night so that MEANS I get to see and meet her dogs (Oh and her SO I have never met him either). Sorry horses and dogs are listed first no matter what!

Monday we were GOING to see Presto (BOO HOO he is back under Michelle’s watch which is great but means he is way toowork far for me to see this time!). So now I kind of have that day off to explore etc. I am meeting friends, from my old job in Austin waaaaaay back when, on Monday afternoon/evening then I can check into my hotel (way too fancy for me but we get comp nights there) and put my work brain back in gear.

Tuesday I am up at it bright and early. I hope to finish work by early afternoon (we are touring the conference center etc.) and then escaping the city for a while and going to see Henry at his barn (Amanda thinks I am going to ride him, we shall see!!) and then hopefully MEETING BOBBY that night!!!! (I think she doesn’t want to share Bobby almost). I am sure he will be just as captivating in person as he is on line and in her blog!!  Stay tuned for the recap of all that happens in Texas!

Might have to bow down to the greatness that is Bobby just cause he continues to give Amanda shit!

I fly home Wednesday afternoon so it is a flying visit.  But I am really excited to see Texas again. And it sure doesn’t hurt that some of the visit is on the work dime and not mine!!

WHOOHOO….and on other news I DID sign up for Fair Hill (Thank you FraidyCat and Alli+Dino for all that peer pressure, I am kidding). They pretty much forced me to sign up. If I puke, I am blaming both of them!

Me before jumping (or dressage)….

Does anyone else have exciting plans this weekend? It is supposed to get hot as F up here after today in the NorthEast so finally time to turn those A/C’s on. UGH.

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