2017 Show Gear and Tack: Or What Stuff Have I Accumulated?

Best piece of equipment I bought. Have trailer will travel! 🙂

Fraidy Cat Evening and the900facebookpony both did their 2017 show gear posts so I decided to jump on board and do one too. However the caveat is I don’t have nearly as much stuff as they both do! Or do I?


I have a 2015 Kingston Warmblood Classic Elite that I bought new and worship daily. I looked at used trailers forever but needed something light and needed something trustworthy. I found Traveled Lane Trailers in Centerville and found a family run company that I adore. Jon worked with me for months till we found what I wanted. I recommend them for trailers if you are looking (they also do used trailers and have service help, etc.).  My truck is a 2013 Honda Ridgeline and Jon did research on the type of trailer I needed to pull and we came up with the Kingston (it weighs about 2000 lbs!).

The nice thing about buying your own trailer is a lot of things open up. Clinic and lessons, why thank you sure I will be there. Shows no one else is going to, yep will go to that too. Late afternoon hack at Fair Hill? I will meet you there! The possibilities are endless! And the fact that I got the extra tall, extra wide version. Means my 15 hand Quarter Horse has tons of room and any of my friends with monster 17 hand plus horses, can fit just fine!


My dressage saddle is a Luc Childeric which I love but have issues riding dressage (my hunt seat background comes back when you least expect it UGH poor Emily has to retrain me every time), my jump saddle is a Zaldi (Hopefully soon to be replaced with something else). This jump saddle has been fine and followed me from Texas (a whole nother story)but it is problematic to my position jumping and for me to improve, I need a more secure saddle. I have a no-name synthetic jump girl (Remus used to only fit in the 54 leather one I had but he has downsized to a 48 so he can have synthetic) and a short dressage synthetic girth which I can’t remember the name. I like it even if I can’t remember what it is! I hose it off and it dries clean!

My bridles (yes I have two, I had three but sold one PS Sweden since the cut was way too course for my cob-sized QH) are the Eponia (Cookie) and PS Sweden Olympic. The PS Sweden is a few  years old now so the link I posted is probably the newer version but it is similar. I have said how much I LOVE the Eponia and the PS Sweden I like a lot but the damn browband slips on both sides (I do not have the interchangeable one but the one that came with it). I had the PS Flying Change but sold it it as the noseband was just too bulky for Remus. He uses a Baucher/Boucher bit in both dressage and jumping, he has a a loose ring snaffle but that only comes out for dressage if that (Mr wants to lean on me or not stop).   Stirrups I got talked (ahem a lot of this post is brought to you by the number 900 as in the900facebookpony she is SUCH a bad influence on me) into are the MDS stirrups flex ones. LOVE them, I have a pair on each saddle. Can’t recommend them enough.

Remus cc
Zaldi and the PS Sweden last year at St Augustine

My jump breastplate used to be a Dover no-name but I have since found Lund Saddlery and I have this one now! If you are looking for a 3 point breastplate that has navy to boot, go put one in the shopping cart NOW! I love it. It doesn’t budge, it is so adjustable and it looks great. And it is a bargain!!

Remus wears bell boots all the time except dressage duh and I have an older pair of Magyk Equipe boots and the newer ones with purple (I won a gift card for being the first one to purchase them when the900facebookpony posted it on her instagram, because yes impulse control I have none). These are the dressage sport ones, they have now come out with cross country ones but seriously the amount we jump, these are fine. I do love the way they clean up and they are so easy to put on. Love!

rs.jpgI have wayyyyy too many saddle pads. I haven’t even used my new ECP Cross country ones that i bought (yeah navy and then purple), I do have issues. If you haven’t picked up one yet, do so!  In case you are on the fence, here is a great review about them! I have a lot of just regular square pads as well that I use for lessons, riding at the barn, or for hacking. They dry quick and they are easy to toss in the truck to take home. I don’t really have a favorite brand just buy what is on sale. I do have an ECP dressage saddle pad but need to wash it so lately for dressage just use one of my square ones (I do have quite the backlog of laundry for saddle pads, my husband shudders when I use our washer so I keep wanting to go to the laundromat. Haven’t made it yet)!

I have a One K helmet with sunglasses attached I got at Tack of the Day a couple years ago. LOVE. Hairnet whatever I have as long as it is blond colored.  I wear whatever breeches I have at the moment that are clean. I don’t do white so I often wear tan if i am going dressage and wear the same ones for jumping. Belts by Mango Bay, I have two purple ones (anchors and bits) and one gray/tan one with a hunting scene. They are wonderful (and I never had belts before)! Socks my favorites are the Noble Outfitter Peddle Socks, they have a foot that is heavier material to reduce blisters and chafing and the upper part is light weight. Love them. Boots I just bought the basic Ariats field boots, but they are so comfortable and no blisters. They broke right in which I love.

I  have a new show shirt with a magnetic collar that I haven’t tried yet but it is very comfy.  I do have two tech coats. One is a gorgeous blue Kerritts Koat(this photo does not do the color justice it is not that robin’s egg but a darker deeper blue) and the other is a Tredstep black Solo Classic. The Kerrits is lighter so I wear it more than the other even though I like the Tredstep but it is definitely heavier material (read hotter) The weight of the thing compared to the Kerritts is unreal. I got a great deal on both so don’t mind that they both sit in the closet more than when I actually wear them!

If it is just a schooling show I often will wear one of my sunshirts (Can’t wait for my new Presto one) and wear that in dressage as well as jumping too.  If I do that I don’t wear my coat, obviously.


Numbers and Pinny:  So I don’t have to use the dreaded pinny in dressage,blech, no one looks good with that thing hanging on you. Also want a custom pinny next time they go on sale so  I at least have it in my colors.

Crop: we need a new one since I broke mine the other week…sigh. Haven’t bought one yet. Borrowed one last week. Yeah it is on the list! Will look at Bit of Britain.

Gloves: I just have crappy black ones. Suggestions?

Vest: I have an older Tipperary navy blue. I need a new one in the future. Not today but soon….

Bonnet: I want one. From If the Bonnet Fits. Need to make this happen. I have a couple crappy ones that I use for now. Haven’t used one this year yet, oops might need to dig out and wash what I have.

Trunk for Trailer: Would love this but they are pricey. My trailer has a lot of room in the head of it and I took the head barrier down so there is even more room. My truck right now is my dressing room. Need somewhere to put some of the crap!!






7 thoughts on “2017 Show Gear and Tack: Or What Stuff Have I Accumulated?

  1. I love these posts and seeing all the fun stuff everyone has! That blue coat is amazing!

    A suggestion on the crops – check out Tack Shack of Ocala. I wanted 3 colors in mine and refused to pay $100+ for it. Found these –
    for similar price to Bit of Britain with WAY more options. I absolutely love mine and it’s held up really, really well. They are wonderful to deal with and it was shipped super quick.

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  2. Come take a look at the trunk in my trailer (it’s built in) next weekend – it’s actually a very simple construction and doesn’t seem like it would be expensive to recreate if you have room for your own trailer.

    Also FYI I had pretty bad luck with ECP shimmable pads – the shims compressed to paper thinness very quickly. The pads themselves are quite nice tho so I’ve heard that yoga mats can be cut to shape to create better shims that won’t compress but still fit the pad.

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    1. i actually took the shims out with the saddle I still havent gotten fitted yet!! He didnt need that much ‘shimming’ so i took them out and used it as a pad. worked a charm. No Slippage at all. Cause the pad is pretty thick on its own honestly!! But thanks for the info….(OHH yoga mats that is a great idea actually, cause we all have one or two around that we never yes (yes me)). And yes I till take a look at yours….you can take a look at my trailer and see what you think but i have as much room if not more in my trailer….it is extra wide/extra tall and has extra space there too. thanks!!


  3. LOVE Roeckl gloves! They are super light and super grippy. Once you try them you will never go back to anything else! My hubby also got me a super cute bright blue jump bat at Dover, I think, a while ago. It’s nice and short and “slappy”.


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