Walking the Intro Course While Having Friends Calm Me By Text!

Happy Fourth of July all!! I hope you are cool and comfy and not having to work! Have a great day!

Last Friday, I headed to Fair Hill to do a quick walk of the course since it is so close to me. I don’t know if it was good or bad that I did it on my own. Cause there were a few jumps that bothered me. Not all but a few. Here are some that didn’t bother me 🙂


hay jump
You would think as much as he likes to eat, this stuff would not bother him. You would THINK!

Then this beast arrived in my line of vision: the hay feeder. The bale of straw on the side was going to be a beacon for Remus to look at. And I couldn’t really go right all the way over as the BN bale was right there.  download (2)

Course Emma and Alli talked down my fears via texts (friends are always there for you!)anigif_enhanced-buzz-4581-1376080116-4.gif

Our baby bank was really mostly a log jumping up so I knew that would not be an issue.

baby bank
barely qualifies as a bank!

About halfway through the course, we run across that dreaded red table again. HA I never even blinked this time (nor did I blink on Sat, nor did Remus). I guess things do get smaller the more you jump them!!

table of doom no more
No more doom….

Onward to the logs before the water, they had the logs at an odd angle almost going to the left then you had to cross the road and go toward the water to the right. It rode better than I thought it would!


The water is to the right of the jump on the left, it was a windy loop over to it but no worries. Then over the baby ditch (we only had straw bales a way before nothing right after the ditch), then over the logs and then….wait what is this monstrosity. I honestly thought I had the colors wrong….wtf…

holy cow

When I walked it on Friday it was set for Novice (the log) and I was hyperventilating a bit. I have never schooled this with Sally.  So I was freaking a wee bit. Once Emma and Tanya and Alli calmed me down via text I was okay and realized the drop was not as intense as it seems from the front. BUT it was fence 14 out of 15 and Remus would not be easy to get up this hill. LOL.

Last jump was the train. Wheee all aboard…

almost an old friend by now….

So not horrible and a pretty easy flowing course. There were some good lines to move out (if you had a horse that could move (ahem, Dino and Charlie), I myself planned some trot breaks for Remus throughout)!

I had some nervousness and trepidation but knew we had jumped everything there but the log on the hill so I left and thought what will be will be!! Don’t pay any attention to me hyperventilating. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Walking the Intro Course While Having Friends Calm Me By Text!

  1. Ha so I have to admit: when I promised that the hay wagon wasn’t spooky and always rode super well….. Well. I may have fibbed a little bit. It’s a spooky jump. BUT! Mind over matter, right? Also that log bump on a hill freaked me out the first time I saw it on course (a BN course at that). I actually thought novice’s up bank to the hill looked easier. But turns out that one actually DOES ride well, go figure. Next time tho definitely walk with us!! More ppl makes the jumps look smaller 🙂

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  2. Girl that red table had my stomach churning on our walk! Emma gives great pep talks though and got me through it. 😉 And wasn’t the log on a lump fun to ride?! It was a super great course and I can’t wait to read your full recap – what little I saw of you guys after we finished looked good!

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    1. Ha Red table is old news 🙂 That really does ride good i have a video (2) of Remus doing it and he makes it look easy (HA). the log was not as bad as I thought it was….

      I had SO Much fun with you guys i want to do it all again:)


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