Finally Home(#longestweekever)

Minion-Quote-Im-so-tiredI have never been so glad to be back home in hot, gross Delaware. I spent 8 days in hot, humid Orlando but away from my dogs, my husband, and my horse. No fun.

It was a very busy week but a great conference. Most days I did 25k steps or more so my feet are very bruised and sore still. UGH. I am ready to immerse myself back into horsey life but hopefully Remus hasn’t even noticed I am not there due to the barn people taking such good care of him.

I have to get my ass in gear and get back to the gym, back to the barn, and back to normal a bit. Conference week seems to be blackout week for me and I teased friends that the world could have ended without me knowing that!

I have to catch up on all the wonderful blogs I followed (literally read several on my phone as I walked the halls last week) and also catch up on news I guess.

I did find out a lot about people this week (I seem to forget each year how it goes). Some people are so nice it is wonderful to deal with them and some people. Aren’t nice at all.  And some people really really are not good at traveling and directions. So that is where we come in to help point and direct people all week. All day, all week.

Yeah preach it!

One neat thing I saw last week was we had a Tails for Tales session at our conference and the presenter asked me if they could bring dogs to it. I of course being the dog crazy person I am I said YES and found out how to arrange this. So last Saturday while I was in the depths of conference hell I had my own therapy session with therapy dogs (I was on the carpet with them enjoying life). Such a great program and Tabitha was wonderful to deal with and due to travel couldn’t bring her own therapy dogs but managed to get some local Orlando ones. Meet Waffles, Pixie, and Annabelle! They were JUST what the doctor ordered for me about then! A lot of problems can be solved by petting and hugging a dog, just saying.

Waffles, Pixie, and Annabelle in that order (left to right)!
WAFFLES! What a cutie!

I hope you all had a wonderful, productive week while I was gone. I don’t get much down time from work and have to start the next year’s conference already so am trying to recuperate as fast as possible (off today but already been online on morning catching up on email).

On other news, my birthday is next week. Oh and my husband’s birthday is the same day AS MY BIRTHDAY as well as my dad and my sister. Yeah fun-filled week ahead!! Between us all we are turning 241 years old. WTF, how did that happen? 51 sounds a heck of a lot better now! HA

so many creaks!

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