How We ACTUALLY Didn’t Buy the Farm…

Instead of shot put MONEY in this lyric (Not the same beat but still) 🙂

It has taken over a week for me to write this post. The disappointment is still intense. We spent last Tuesday (August 1st) working our butts off to write an offer for this farm that wasn’t on the market yet.

if you know who this character is you get extra points!

Long story short: I saw the farm last March when it was on the market but the owner took it off the market before Mark could see it. (I think the best way we can explain this owner was having issues with letting go). So we kind of forgot about it. This owner is also the kind that stays when you tour the house (UGH) so I met her in March and she was very nice and all and seemed to like me. So she called my realtor a few weeks ago to say she was putting the house back on the market and did we want to take a look again. I talked to  Mark and he said yes so we were ready to take a look. But meanwhile the owner went away for a week and her new realtor never contacted our realtor. SO we waited and waited and then finally got to go see it the Sunday before we went away.

And I loved it all over again. And Mark liked it too…AMAZING. Seriously he is hard to shop real estate with.  The house was NOT perfect. It was 215 years old for starters. Yeah. It was in great shape but still 215 years old. That is an old ass house. The barn was such a cute little two stall barn with a wash stall with a rolling door out front so you could let air in. There were paddocks everywhere (The farm was less than 3 acres so really could only have had Remus on it). It was pretty cute.

giphy.gifANYWAY, we decided to make an offer. EVEN THOUGH WE WERE GOING ON VACATION …(yes we be crazy). We went back and forth with our realtor and mortgage guy and realized quickly that we didn’t have enough money to close on our original offer. (We had enough but would be flat dead broke in savings if we did it, which makes my very conservative British husband cringe). So we kind of backed off then rethought and came up with a lower offer but still very attractive. We still would be eating soup for a while but it was at least doable. We were about ready to sign it and send it to the seller when my realtor (Tuesday evening, no less after the longest day EVER) says she heard from the seller and the seller could not possibly move till December.



how we felt…

Now there were a couple issues with this. One was if we got an accepted offer and waited till DECEMBER to close we wouldn’t be able to lock in our mortgage rate. (So right off the bat NO). Second was we wanted a house now. We need to get our current house on the market before winter so nope not doing December.  So we told our realtor nope.

The woman has been distinctly flaky (the seller) and I just started to get weird feelings on it all. We loved the property but I had worries that the inspection might not be great and I could see her being like OH WELL I don’t want to sell anyway.  So we got into our car and drove to BWI and flew to NH and ME and had a great weekend.

Oh but then our realtor emailed us on Wednesday during our travel and said “The seller really doesn’t want to lose the sale, she might be able to mover earlier”.

Umm…just no. First off we didn’t know if she would accept the offer we came up with and second of all read the blog post all again. Alarm signals everywhere.


SO we might not end up with a cute farmette. And that is okay. Remus boards at a great facility that takes care of him like their own. If you throw a rock any direction you can hit a boarding facility sign in the area I live in. And we are now considering renting first so we can sell our house and have more money to play with when we do buy! So just a normal crazy ass time on FatBuckskin lane.  It is all good.


13 thoughts on “How We ACTUALLY Didn’t Buy the Farm…

  1. Well that sucks but maybe you really did dodge a big bullet. Lady sounds like a real PITA. A couple weeks ago I saw a really cute little farm (5 acres with a farmhouse and a couple little outbuildings up between liberty hill and georgetown – SANDY LOAM!!!) and sent it to Rob… a few days later he was like I like that place we should go look at it. I just about fucking fainted, but of course immediately checked the listing and it was already pending. Those places go like hotcakes around here. Sads.

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  2. Oh no! Ugh, I’m sorry. That sucks. I was in on the buying thing when my parents bought the house we currently have. I was the one that found it but they still kept the finder’s fee because they were brokers and could get us “deals” and then were very flaky and kept telling the contractors that had to complete the house one thing and then telling us another…. It was really frustrating. But, your situation does have red warning signs all over that weirdness. It does sound like you guys have a good plan though! I’m sure the right property will come along!

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  3. Sorry it didn’t work out, and yeah, sounds like you dodged a bullet. I bought a house in a similar situation, and the owners just never left at the agreed upon date- I had to legally evict them and it took forever. Your plan of renting and selling first sounds like a great idea, so much less stress when you don’t need to worry about moving immediately and have cash in hand.

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  4. Dang that is frustrating… what an emotional roller coaster! Honestly though, I think you are right and that probably wasn’t the right situation, even though I’m sure you really wanted it to be. I’m the queen of having a little gut feeling but ignoring it anyway, even though it almost always ends up being right. Good for you guys for being responsible and passing. I bet the right one will come along. I’d love to have such a historic house though!!!

    ❤ Kelly @ HunkyHanoverian

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  5. Same thing happened when I bought both my first and second farm. The first farm they came back a month later, this one was just a few days. I wanted them both so badly I made it work. If it’s meant to be you will find a way, if not, there will be others!

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