Rain Rain Go Away Please….For Texas!


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Ollie says give if you can help out! 

First thing’s first, let’s help some peeps out!

yikes that is huge!

We lived in Texas from 2004-2009 and I am horrified by the images on the news from Hurricane Harvey.  One of my favorite websites in the world (Go Fug Yourself is a treasure of a site and I followed the creators from when they did TWOP as well so if you don’t read GFY start now!! They are hilarious!!) has a list of ways to help Hurricane Harvey victims (both four legged and two legged so go here for more information!)

I just can’t imagine what is going on for all those people who are suffering from this storm. I hope it leaves sooner rather than later. And I hope the900facebookpony gets out today and enjoys her time in Europe (Be safe Amanda)!!

Events, and Lessons, and Us Not Ready…OH MY!

giphy (1)Meanwhile on Remus news, we have a Cross Country Schooling with Sally tomorrow night (Natch Rain is in the forecast here OF COURSE) SIGH. I signed up for Blue Goose CT on Sat and then of course Fair Hill is a week from Sat. Are we ready? NOPE not a bit. But good friends are going to both events so a good time will be had!!

Still Looking for a Saddle…It Is Inconceivable!


I had a Stubben to try from a friend (Just a Siegfried) but the billets are so short I need my longer girth which is home still. So I didn’t even sit in it yet.

I did try a barn mate’s Prestige Nona Garson and it fit Remus well and I hopped on it and walked, trotted, cantered in it last week. The seat was a bit hard (Which was odd cause it felt squishy when I touched it so maybe my butt is delicate? LOL) but it rode well. Going to try to ride in a jump lesson with it and if I like it might start looking for a Prestige. Nothing else seems to fit Remus.

My dressage saddle ended up at a friend’s who wanted it badly but can’t swing it but one of her barn mates is trying it so hoping I sell that locally (even though I won’t make as much) rather than consignment. We shall see…she does like it a lot so fingers crossed!!

That will help the saddle search immensely. Money always helps am I right!??

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Money money money

13 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away Please….For Texas!

  1. Good luck on the saddle hunt! I concur with the Prestiges lol. Amber really loves hers. I’m hoping the Nona Garson works for you! If nothing else, here’s a website to consider (http://www.prestigesaddlesusa.com/) potentially looking for something. I think I may end up getting a dressage saddle from them – they can get it in BROWN and I still love the idea of brown dressage tack lol. Hope this helps! Unless I’m being that person that’s TOO helpful then tell me to stop lol.

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    1. oh i love that you are so helpful! Thanks so much :)!
      and I LOVE the idea of brown dressage stuff my friend has a gorgeous brown dressage monoflap i am envious of (I cant remember the brand)! 🙂 So your saddle is a Prestige? Good to know!


      1. At least in Europe I think brown is coming back ‘in’ lol Yes it’s a prestige! If you look up jump saddles on that site I sent you, mine is on the second page – the Sinead D jump. But they even carry the larger sizes; Amber needs a 36 (xwide) so remus might be a 36 or a 35?

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      2. the one i tried is a 35 so yes I think Amber is wider 😉 OOH thanks I think yours is very pretty good to know which one it is. Jeez they have a LOT of saddles!


      1. Awww! As for saddle shopping, it’s just the whole shebang. Even if you have it on trial, a few days isn’t always enough, especially if you have a stoic horse.


  2. Poor Poor Houston! I have so many friends there- things are rough and only getting rougher :(.

    Ack bummer your XC schooling got cancelled. Saddle shopping is the pits- I’m hopefully getting my saddle checked soon and I’m nervous they will say it needs to be replaced. Fingers crossed for your!

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