Seeking the Holy Grail: Or A Saddle That Fits


Saddle Search Update

My Zaldi is on Ebay. If it sells, I guess I will ride bareback.Β  For some reason there is a lot of interest in this saddle. Why I do not know πŸ™‚

giphy (1).gif
I wish LOL but still some healthy interest!
Remove HOUSE put in SADDLE instead( Seriously still one of my fave movies ever)!

I did hear back from the Stubben rep who just happens to be up in this area the next few weeks (DEVON AND FHI!) so we are going to try some Stubbens on Remus the week of Fair Hill. (It helps to have your horse boarding very close to Fair Hill. How exciting. Right?)

In a perfect world, I want this (and it is what she thinks would work well). Β Of course with my budget that probably won’t happen but she says some of the other non-monoflap saddles are very reasonable and sheΒ  may have some Demos for sale! So she is game and willing to try to fit Remus and see how the different Stubbens work and fit on him. She actually said after working on so many bay thoroughbreds lately (no offense to bays or thoroughbreds LOL), she is excited to work on a horse of a different color! Since Stubben was so quick to get back to me I am definitely giving Stubben a shot!

iDk5CX.gifSo now I have to decide if I want to take any of the offers for the Zaldi. Luckily barn mates have offered saddles to use in between but none of them are jump saddles. I know Emily at May As Well Event is jumping in a dressage saddle. SO maybe we can start a revolution??

giphy (2).gif
Not this Revolution..LOL

I am very excited Fair Hill is coming up soon! I get to see blogger friends, I get to attend the YEH Workshop on the Thursday and Friday and I get to try some saddles. OH and see CC on Saturday. ADD IN the fact that a lot of saddle vendors will be at FHI as well and I can just giggle from the sheer excitement of it all!! Hopefully the weather cooperates. We need rain desperately even though the temps have gone more Fall like. The ground will be hard as rocks at FHI if we don’t get some rain. I would prefer the rain to come BEFORE THE EVENT thanks very much!

20 thoughts on “Seeking the Holy Grail: Or A Saddle That Fits

  1. Good luck with the saddle search! Hopefully a stubben will work out. I think I’m off work Thursday and Friday (I never actually asked my boss… Just stuck it on my calendar… Oops) so I’ll definitely be at Fair Hill those days plus Saturday for cross country. We’ll need to meet up!

    As much as I don’t want rain (mud is FINALLY almost gone), I guess Fair Hill could use some… SOME but no monsoons!

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    1. i will be at the YEH workshop 10-2 on both Thursday and Friday but will email you my phone # so we can meet up before or after! I took off (I did tell my boss LOL) already!


  2. ugh the ground is SO HARD right now!! hopefully some rain can soften it up ahead of the event. i’m super excited tho – looking forward to seeing you for ALL OF THE THINGS!!! also we need to keep an eye out for that horse i got to trail ride there last weekend. that horse was hot shit and he *knew* it lol, and he’ll be there volunteering with his mounted park ranger owner.

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  3. My old BO was a stubborn rep and always had gorgeous hunks of leather around the tack room. She let me borrow her Zaria fully decked out to ride Gem in. It was insane. Of course none of the ones I tried, and I believe I tried every dang model she had available to her, for Gem at all. Damn down hill bult big barralled mare throws all her saddles forward if they aren’t perfect and alas none for the bill. I hope one works for you! Stubborn runs some pretty sweet deals every once in a while too.

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    1. i doubt i get that. Sally told me that a few of the others will work hopefully with less dollars. πŸ™‚ She told me I didn’t have to get the monoflap (UNLIKE ALL OF YOU LOL SPENDING MY MONEY)!


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