Fair Hill Exhaustion Sets In: So Much to See, So Much to Do!

Fair Hill Mantra!

I am so tired. LOL  Like my foot is killing me, I have done over 15k steps each day just spectating! But so MUCH FUN!

us after watching all the youngsters go. There were about 10-15 that I seriously wanted to take home with me! Love those young horses!

It has been a fun-filled two days so far at FHI so far. And it ain’t done yet! I have been hanging out with Emma and Sarah and Rachael, Emma’s friend, and caught up with other horsy friends that I haven’t seen for a while like Kym and Brooke and so on.I have met new people (such as Pam from Mango Bay who knows Amanda well and Morgan from Stubben (more to come on that later next week when I have more time) who came out after FH yesterday and spent 2 plus hours with me and Remus till way past dark)! All the volunteers at FH are amazing too, so friendly and helpful. One couple with their adorable Rottie puppy Bear gave me a ride in their gator to the YEH at Sawmill Field this a.m. when I was hobbling my way over. Great people, great fun, great horses. WIN WIN!

Speaking of the YEH, the Young Event Horse Championship 4 year old and 5 year competition was amazing and the workshop was SO worth doing it with Marilyn Payne. If you have a chance do it next year. For one thing when riders and horses have some issues, it makes you feel better about your own issues. The dressage was very inspiring yesterday too though the rain and cold wasn’t the best along with the wind. But all those youngsters pulled themselves together and showed their fancy moves off.  And then today, it was so much fun to watch baby horses have fun and be all looky at stuff but still jump the snot out of everything!! Nothing but knees baby!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much dressage for the CCI2* or CCI3* due to where I was located both days but I sure saw some fancy horses schooling in the warm up ring.  There was a pretty gray with a PINK tail even!

download (1)
hard to see but it was definitely pink!

Yesterday Emma and Sarah etc headed to the FHI booth and Emma and Sarah promptly dumped money there as you do!  I have not bought anything as of yet but I am sure tomorrow I will lose some dollars for sure. (Mango Bay is calling my name and so are some other booths).

Emma in the darkest tent in the world (Seriously guys if the sun is not out you need lights so you can see the pretty stuff) (see her new coat though, snazzy!)

Tomorrow is the 5k, which I am not running but would have loved to. The CC course looks great and I can’t wait to watch Sally and others do the CCI2* tomorrow a.m.. and the rest of the cross country competition.  AND TO SHOP when I have some time!


Stalker Alert: I did a bit of stalking on Mighty Magic progeny at FHI yesterday and today and I have to say I am very impressed with all I see. I think Presto might be one to watch in the coming years (Well I KNEW that already). I really enjoyed seeing the similarity of the two I saw today and yesterday and I have another one that I have been told to watch tomorrow for Amanda! Love the facial expressions on them all and their rideability makes them worth  their weight in gold to me. Thanks Amanda for making me watch (I mean stalk them)!

download (7)
Miks Master C (Mighty Magic)

Now off to bed, whew. I will doubtless be dreaming of bays, and grays, and chestnuts and black horses all night long jumping cross country.

7 thoughts on “Fair Hill Exhaustion Sets In: So Much to See, So Much to Do!

    1. I love galaxy quest too. Such a great movie. HA Wish you were here too!

      Well all five or six saddles actually fit Remus!! And i Liked them all. (esp the 4500 dollar one, ahem NO). LOL

      Update early next week have a great weekend 🙂


  1. So good to see you! Also super impressed you managed to fit so much else in to your days – including blogging lol. I’m only just now recovering enough to catch up haha

    Liked by 1 person

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