Day 04–A Ride That Impacted Your Life

Hmm another tough topic. A ride that impacted my life.

Remus in 2012!

I have ridden some different horses over the years but not a lot of them impacted my life. I rode as a kid until my late 20’s early 30s then got out of it for several years. After moving to Texas I kind of got back into it and then when we moved back to Delaware, I had several lease horses but none really clicked and then I found Remus on Craigslist.

I didn’t even try him out there but I think meeting him totally impacted my life. He had about five fat rolls on his butt and he was grossly overweight, hadn’t done a lot in his life but eat and be merry. Ashlee who owned him (and is now a great friend of mine when I actually get to see her!) had several horses and had just turned him out.

Let’s see he will be 15 this coming spring and in June of 2012 I went out and watched Ashlee ride him.  Have I really had him since then? Wow. In some ways it seems like centuries and in others a flash of time spinning by!

remuswalk (1)
Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit,  LOL

He was pretty rotund as you can see! LOL But I had had a lot of nutty horses that really diminished my confidence and I liked this guy. He was laid back and lazy. Couldn’t even canter. So without even riding him, we entered a lease agreement with Ashlee and I haven’t looked back.

Once I got him to my boarding barn, I rode him and I decided to keep him. He was not talented but sweet, he was quiet and easy to handle. Everyone liked or loved him upon meeting him. And then one day, my friend Kym said you know let’s think about you doing some lower level eventing. I can introduce you to Sally. And the rest is history.

I think with any other horse and with lesser friends I would never have decided in my late 40’s to try eventing. At this late stage, no way. But with a fat buckskin QH and friends who laugh at my fears and make me do things I don’t want to do, we go and we conquer as much as we can conquer.

Our first cross country schooling….isn’t he gorgeous!
Our first event at Carousel

In other news: My free off craigslist buckskin now has a new STUBBEN SADDLE COMING THIS WAY. Stay tuned. GULP! I can’t believe I bought it!

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11 thoughts on “Day 04–A Ride That Impacted Your Life

  1. Oh my goodness, I love him, fat rolls and all! Guess you picked the right blog name haha! Don’t forget to add your blog to the blog hop link (I finally remembered to add it to the bottom of my posts – whoops!!) And YAY TO A NEW SADDLE!!!

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      1. At the bottom of one of my daily posts, there is a little blue button that says ADD YOUR LINK. If you add your blog address, it will pop up each time I post, so folks can see your posts, too! I figured I would try to be official and make a real link hop! LOL!

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