Day 09–Any Injuries That Occurred From Riding

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That sky behind Remus…gorgeous. That saddle…even nicer!

Ha injuries from riding horses. Knock on wood, never seriously hurt (I didnt finish typing this till AFTER my lesson with Sally, yes I stayed on!) And YES I am in love with the saddle. LOL.

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Groovy wayback photo (Yes i am rocking a bandanna) LOL

Pasha dumped me spectacularly at the Richmond Morgan show when I was a freshman in college (I think it was about then) so let’s say 1984 or so. It had been a jazzy kind of day and he was a jazzy kind of horse and a helicopter landing nearby during the day had pretty much fried his brain. And then we had a night class. Under lights. With music and just wild atmosphere. So we were trying to go up an alley to the gate. And being Pasha he was being snorty snort. (And we were saddle seat so you know how flat that saddle is,,) and a kindly older gentleman walked up and said “Hi I will help lead you in” and my words were Thanks but don’t grab his reins….

Kind of sums up how it felt!

Yeah. World spun. Pasha leapt backward dragging poor nice guy who did not let go until he had to and Pasha reared straight up, slipped on the concrete and off I fell with him landing on me. Ouch. He leapt up immediately but not fast enough for me to not register his weight. Meanwhile I had split my brand new park suit when I landed. GRHH I loved that thing. I was kind of out of it laying with all these people around me and I saw my friend Betsy whirl by my as she went to find Pasha. I am sure he had gone back to the barn. Meanwhile the paramedics arrived and looked me over and said yeah we are taking you to the hospital. So I got put on a golf cart like thing and they belted me on and drove to the gate (for some reason they didn’t have the ambulance with them).

Once we got to the gate, they went 1-2-3 to lift me out and forgot to undo the belt. OUCH. Massive fail. My sister was there with me (my parents had been there earlier but they had left to go home and this is way before the time of cell phones) so my sister was like I will call them later. SO my friends hung out at Richmond hospital (Not sure which one it was now) waiting for me. After all that they said I had not broken anything but I would need crutches (I had bruised my whole side including hip and could not bear weight). And drugs. I needed them too.


My sister had been waiting in the waiting room when the phone rang in there. She kind of looked around and answered it and it was my mom who was home (4 hours away) and had talked to my friend;s mom who was with us and mom had called the hospital and gotten all the scoop. My sister was like how did you do that? My mom was simply amazing she could get info at a drop of a hat. I like to think I take after her in that respect!


Anyway, the little intern doc was trying to pin my pants back on so I could leave in a wheelchair. I was like I am fine (at that point I would have rolled out naked) but he was insistent. We got in the car and headed to the pharmacy where my sister got my pills for me. They must have given me a shot before I left the hospital though cause I was high as a kite. I was giggling and giggling then would say PULL OVER and roll down the window and throw up. FUN TIMES 🙂 HA. I also made them drive to the fairgrounds so I could see  Pasha was okay.

This was actually earlier that day in Richmond, I can tell by the bleachers. HA I was so cool wasnt I?? 🙂

Anyway I was fine after hobbling around on crutches for a couple weeks. Pasha was fine and we had no other issues like that with him. Just a freak accident but it was one way to get out of loading up all our crap when we were ready to leave by Sunday! HA.

Best story of all was us standing there at the bottom of the stairs at the motel (YES we were on the 2nd floor) trying to figure out how to get me up the stairs. (I don’t know if the hotel was completely booked or no one thought to ask if we could change rooms). Finally my sister and another friend grabbed me by forming a chair for me to sit in with their arms and up we went. Me giggling the whole way.

So that was my wonderful injury while riding. I have more but this one took the cake!

One more shot of the precious…more to come hopefully if I can get someone to take photos of me actually riding! LOL

13 thoughts on “Day 09–Any Injuries That Occurred From Riding

    1. it is truly the most comfy saddle i have sat in. Even on flatwork. I do need new stirrup leathers that will go up more as I rode in my dressage length due to their BEING NO MORE HOLES. Oh and a girth that is brown. Oh and saddle pad that fits (I have that just grabbed the RW one cause it was clean). HA

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