Day 24–Your Best Riding Friend

Come on we all know we would help our best friend do this…

Growing up, my best riding friend was Betsy. She was a couple years younger than me but took lessons with me (I actually think I taught her how to post when she started riding, I can still remember doing the Up, DOWN, UP, Down with her). We rode together, showed together and were pretty inseparable till we both went to college and even after. I see her sometimes and love when I do, but hands down those days back then were the greatest. Us two together could do ANYTHING.

One great memory was after we both graduated and she had bred her Morgan mare, Unique and the foal was due any day.

I was working at a vet clinic at the time and she called in and I answered and all I heard was “ITS COMING ITS COMING ITS COMING OMG I SEE THE HEAD, GET HERE NOW” I hung up the phone and ran out of the door, clocking off.

By the time I got there the foal (Lucy) was up and nursing. Middle of the day.  I of course knew immediately who was calling and who was screaming on the phone at me so just ran out of the door. We were so in tune with each other.

Her parents pretty much adopted me in the summers since I just stayed out there. So yes Betsy ranks high up on my list of ‘best riding friends’ hands down. We could hang around all day long and have nothing to do and still have a blast. Growing up in rural  Eastern Shore of Virginia there wasn’t a lot to do so the fact we had each other was huge.  It is a wonder we didn’t get into more trouble than we did!

Thank you for being a friend!

I have a lot of great riding friends now too. Kym, who introduced me to eventing, Brooke who boarded with me for a while with her daughter, Cam, we always enjoy getting together and riding when we can. Tanya who shares lessons with me and a lot of laughing while riding with Sally, Ashlee, who without meeting I would have never gotten Remus, Amanda who I met in Texas and now just stalk full time :), Alli, Sarah, and Emma who I got to know this summer and a whole lot of other bloggers I may never meet but feel I know and consider good friends.

I have never had any problem talking to people or making friends at any time of my life but I feel nowadays I do have a great stable of friends (see what I did there). And I can say I know more horsey people now than ever! And that is a-okay!

tenor (1).gif
Friends are everything!

And of course this guy counts as one of my dearest, best-est friends. Because without Remus, I wouldn’t be riding!

download (3).png
Best friends forever!

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