Day 26–Biggest Riding Pet Peeve

I don’t have a lot of these. Really I don’t.

Listen to him!

Don’t cut people off in classes or in lessons. It is rude and shows poor sportsmanship. Even kids learning to ride should have this drilled into them as it is also dangerous at times.

Does everyone read this in Ross’ whiny voice? I do!

Don’t run by horses on trails (I am off to a paper chase this morning and bet you fifty bucks it will happen more than once to me today)! Luckily Remus is not bothered too much by it but people, it is not a race and if it is a race in your mind then take your time and ask the people if it is okay to zoom by them. And if it is a narrow trail, sorry but you need to wait. Patience is a virtue. Learn some! And don’t be a danger to others.  You will still beat us slow pokes, no worries!

Me most days just not on a sinking ship LOL

People who shout on their phones at events. This just happened at Plantation in October. My husband showed up for 10-15 minutes and he got to witness it. Guys, he already thinks horse people are crazy, let’s not give him proof. We got to listen to a woman (who was obviously PISSED OFF) scream F bombs and whatnot on her phone while pacing around her trailer. (From what it sounded like it was an entry fee issue which to my mind is not worth screaming about). IF it was worth screaming then get into your truck, roll the windows up, and scream away OR wait till a more opportune time to have this conversation. Or how about not YELLING and CURSING?  Because there are kids everywhere at events. I am surprised someone didn’t say something to her. She was screeching.

Q57aVWMp.gifNow I know I cuss like a sailor. Sure I do. But not usually at the top of my lungs at a prestigious event on the phone. Yes slam my finger in the car door you might hear a few F bombs or if Remus steps on my foot, yep a F bomb might slip out but no matter what this person was doing it was a BUSINESS CALL. No screeching, howling, or cussing needed.

giphy (5)That is it for me pet peeves though I am sure I could come up with more!! But those stick to me the most!! UGH is Monday tomorrow already? How can that be?? Enjoy what is left of the weekend!!


10 thoughts on “Day 26–Biggest Riding Pet Peeve

  1. I yelled at ppl for cantering past us at the Black Friday paper chase with no warning. one of our group fell and her horse ran away. The ride group just cantered merrily along, no mind that we were trying to get the loose horse. I was livid! Manners people, manners!

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  2. ah yes that is one of my pet peeves! people on their phones dropping F-bombs or just yelling and being ragged at shows. My horse and I like peace, calmness and i get there early to maintain this. Then someone turns up late and they park right near me and they are just running around, dropping things and being a big stress head.

    My other pet hate, people that have conversations in the warm up area. Again i like to just warm up, but there is always two people who chat constantly to each other while we are all warming up. I think, wow, it is rude.

    Ah i feel better now. Thanks mate 🙂

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  3. Oh man…that woman on her phone sounds awful! I hate when people scream-talk on their phones period. You just sound stupid, technology is passing your voice through clearly, and long-distance calls don’t mean you need to scream-talk to be heard. This is 2017 people…. lol

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    1. it was horrible we were at least 500 feet away and could hear everything she was saying. Crazy. I was embarrassed and had to convince hubby we arent all like that LOLLOL (I have been known to scream but not in public HA)


  4. People taking on phones in public period. Not just a shows. Don’t talk on your phone in the middle of any public venue where others have to listen to you. If you can’t go off to a corner, sit in your car, your room, walk down the road/sidewalk/path away from people, whatever, shut up.

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