Bad Drivers: Or How To Make Me Angry

tenor (3).gif
Me driving the trailer (but probably slower LOL)

This blog post has been stewing in the back of my mind for a while now. I notice bad drivers with my truck with no trailer hooked up ALL THE TIME. I have to say I have seen so many WTF moments driving in DE and PA I barely flick an eye at them now. BUT when you have a trailer attached to your truck it is like the FREAKS really come out.


On my way back from Kealani on Sunday, I had three separate incidents where someone pulled right out in front of me on 896 (two lane road that people drive very fast and should not!). And as bad as that was and as bad as it made me cuss at them, I had time to slow down and react. But not only do they pull out in front of me ignoring the fact that I am going about 50 mph with a freaking HORSE trailer attached, but they also immediately wanted to turn left after getting on the road (blinkers are optional too). So wait, you had to pull out in front of me and then immediately want to turn left across the traffic HOLDING ME UP? You are kidding?


I swear the last few years, the amount of aggressive drivers has increased so much around here. It scares me pulling a trailer since I so far have been able to slow enough to not hit anyone but I have had some close calls. And the drivers look at me like I am nuts when I beep at themΒ  (I try not to interact but I put all my lights and fog-lights on when hauling, so YOU SAW ME YOU ASSHOLE). I swear. It is a BLUE SHINY truck with a SHINY WHITE TRAILER.Β  (Ok neither are that shiny after the snow but you get it!)


I also love the jerks that tailgate the trailer. IF I can’t see you behind me that is not good, people. IF a deer runs out inf front of me (OR some idiot pulls out in front of me) I may need to stop quickly. DO NOT rear end my buckskin. You do not want to see me angry! Trust me on this.

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Don’t even GET ME STARTED about driving on 95. I took Mark to the airport on Sunday and I had my heart in my throat the whole way down and the whole way back. UGH And I had no horse trailer with me. People be INSANE who drive on there! Like is 65 just a suggestion and really if you don’t do 90 or higher we should pull on the shoulder?

Me on 95!

So what do you all do to combat the urge to throttle the shit out of people who drive like crap around your precious cargo (As bad as I am about my dogs and horse I cannot imagine you guys with kids with those jerks out there on the roads)? Deep breathing? Yoga? Banging your head against a wall? I am open to suggestions! πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Bad Drivers: Or How To Make Me Angry

  1. Dude. The people on the highway that are going like 60 until you try to pass them, then they all the sudden spurt up to 80, so you get back behind them and they slow back down to 60. One of those people is going to get murdered one day.

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    1. oh shoot i forgot about that. YES that is so bad 😦 My friend was rearended by a school bus in the ice last week and they are fine but her kid keeps asking “ARE WE GETTING INTO AN ACCIDENT TODAY” LOL I hope you are okay and figured out the car etc πŸ™‚


  2. I hate the ones that don’t pay attention to the fact that you’re behind them and just randomly slam on the brakes. I had one this summer who cut in front of me to change lanes right as the light turned yellow and then slammed to a stop even though he was already up to the stop line. Thank god for grade A emergency trailer brakes and a loud horn because I have never been so homicidal in my life.

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  3. i feel your pain – before i moved charlie to the new farm, i hauled him 20 min across the baltimore beltway then another 15min up 95 Every. Single. Week. no wonder my blood pressure was always spiked by the time we actually got on for the lesson!

    pulling a trailer has really opened my eyes to how very very differently different types of vehicles can respond to split second changes in traffic. honestly one of my personal goals going into the new year is to be, myself, a more chill driver. bc….. yea. sometimes it just gets scary out there!

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  4. I’m glad I live in a pretty small town, but it can be frustrating as well because people don’t really understand we need more stopping time when hauling horses… I’ve had so many people pull out in front of me. Ugh.

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  5. It’s pretty crazy here in Vegas, too. People don’t want to get “stuck” behind the trailer. Driving in town always makes me nervous, but I stick to the middle lane and 65 mph and it works out okay. But if I need to move, I just move. Especially if it’s in front of little cars. I don’t wait because if I wait with my blinker on, they’ll speed up so I can’t move over. So I’ll look, and if I have a spot I’ll start moving and then stick my blinker on lol. I’ve had people get mad at me, but for the most part they leave me alone. I take the 215 tho, which takes longer to get to the vet or my lessons, but it’s soooo much better. The 15 to the 95 is a heart attack with a regular car/truck much less hauling. So I avoid it as much as I can lol. Other than that I have no suggestions lol.

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    1. perfect example. I was driving on 2 lane road today (No trailer) and stopped at a yellow light, the car behind me zoomed into the left turn lane then ZOOMED THRU THE RED LIGHT! WHO does that? AND WHY?? WTF are you special? OMG my blood pressure just boils. LOL And yes they love to speed up. OMG πŸ™‚ HA idiots glad to see it is everywhere not just here!


  6. I think people assume a trailer must be going slow so they just HAVE to hurry up and get in front. Never mind nobody is behind you or the fact you are going faster than them. Merging onto the highway drives me crazy too as nobody wants to let the trailer over and then the idiots behind you on the ramp get over super quick and cut you off so now you have no room to merge. Ugh.

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  7. I did five years of driving an hour to work and an hour back, and bear in mind that this wasn’t sitting still “driving” – it’s honestly a 45 mile trip. I have seen some crazy crap go down on the “back” roads I took to get to work. My “favorite” is the jerks that are going way too fast, suddenly realize the cars in front of them are stopped, and not only slam on the brakes, but also swerve off towards the shoulder. That adrenaline rush of “What’s in the road?! Oh, it’s your dignity.” is… special.

    If I’m in a good mood, I ignore it. If I’m in a meh mood, I have been known to shout profanity-laden rants at them (with the windows safely up, of course) – I mean, it works on pain, it should work on anger, right? And if I’m in a terrible mood… well, honestly, at that point I’m already playing the soothing music playlist. πŸ™‚

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    1. It is nuts the crap i see daily!! And ugh. I have been known to let the profanity fly too. It does make you feel better. We have a stop sign by our street and we are in a small Newark neighborhood. I see at least 10 people run that stop sign daily. NOT a rolling stop but going about 30-40 mph in a 25 mph zone not even slow down. There is a reason the Newark Police park on our street at least a few times a week. They can get their quota from those idiots. “Rules don’t apply to them” LOL πŸ™‚


  8. I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Lines weren’t really painted on the road. And now I live in San Diego. Driving sucks. 6-8 lane freeways. Tons of people. Everyone zooming along without blinkers. People cutting from the fast lane all the way over to the exit lane. Yeah… I hate driving. And LA is worse. So if we want to go anywhere in the rest of CA by driving, we have to go through LA. I’m an uber-defensive driver so I’m the one always leaving gaps between the car in front of me so that gets taken advantage of by people. It’s really uncomfortable to have to learn how to be a more aggressive driver just to drive safely in the city.

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  9. PREACH. YES. F*CK PEOPLE. And ESPECIALLY f*ck people when I’m hauling my horses.

    I don’t even want to write down the things I’ve seen because just thinking about all of the idiocy gets my BP up lol. I’m someone who refuses to bitch and moan on my FB status about traffic like so many people do (I try to keep it to just fun photos and positive happy things lol), but I do dream of starting a Twitter (I don’t tweet though lol) just to bitch about my road rage moments to the world one day. Between the fast driving idiots and the senior citizens that genuinely deserve to lose their licenses, I always have something to bemoan lolololol

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  10. Totally feel your pain. No one in NC (Except me) knows how to drive, either. We’ve had some super close calls also and I’m honestly surprised when P gets in the trailer the next time. When I sold my old 350 and was looking for a new truck, I was all set on a 250, but then went with the 350 dually again because I need all the stopping power I can get here. It’s awful.

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