Go Home Winter!

This was yesterday when they called for rain. DOES this look like rain? NOPE….

Really really done with this weather. I am sitting here on my couch on Wednesday morning waiting for the next round of snow to hit. We were supposed to get rain yesterday but nope it was snow, then sleet, then ice, then snow then ice, then sleet. And that makes a lovely base for the crap that is coming today (That is total sarcasm on my part btw). It is a mess out there and now they are calling (for our area alone) for 5-8  inches of snow today (It is not snowing yet but should start mid morning and this is updated from the 8-15 inches they were squawking about all day yesterday.)

Image result for weather is drunk gif
Me about now….done done done

Up in Chester County (and where Remus lives, sorry Remus, sorry Shawn, sorry Sarah, this sucks) they are calling for up to 18 inches. Plus Shawn got a new puppy and that can’t be fun having all this snow taking care of 10 horses and having a new puppy. Not that I can drive out to check on Remus because yep State of Emergency is declared now. And isn’t it supposed to be SPRING? Sigh.

IMG_4303 (1)
Meet Odin though, isn’t he the cutest?

Mind you three days ago the forecast was snow but 2-4 inches. Um. That is a huge difference weather people.  UGH. SO anyway. Stay safe, stay dry, stay warm. ICK. Those in the warmer states, enjoy and have fun riding. Our ring now won’t be ride-able again until about May! DONE!

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18 thoughts on “Go Home Winter!

  1. The weather people totally missed in KY too… We were supposed to just get rain yesterday. We currently have 5″ of snow on the ground, and it’s STILL SNOWING! Go Home Winter – You’re Drunk.

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  2. EW!! Ugh that looks atrocious. I always like to say that being a weather person is the only job where you can be wrong 95% of the time and not get fired. Because honestly. You can never predict weather 100% accurately lol.


  3. I was very glad the weather man was wrong here bc they tried to tell us we might get 1” of snow. Thankfully not!!! Though it rained and is cold and windy so that makes for a very damp, cold, not good riding weather day. Are you looking to Memphis weather yet??? Hahahahaha!!! Stay warm and safe today!!!!

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  4. I don’t even know what’s happening here. I was planning to work from home, but it wasn’t doing anything. So I came in. It’s been raining for hours. It JUST switched though… so maybe it’s time to go!
    Enough already, where is summer?! (I’ve decided if we’re canceling spring, I’m skipping right to summer.)

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  5. blargh, 18″”??? our forecast has crept up over the last few days too, tho luckily not that high. and as of this writing the snow has stopped (hopefully for good!!!) with just a few inches on the ground. ugh. #overit

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      1. ugh its been snowing here for a while now. BUT it is not as bad as they said it would be. BUT it hasnt stopped yet LOL…..this had better be the last HURRAH! or else…:)


    1. I was monitoring the weather down there all day yesterday. The good news is sun is out today but its still cold and a lot of snow still around. AND I read more snow maybe this weekend here? WTF


  6. Winter is drunk here.

    +5*C and then a winter storm watch that didn’t really come. It snowed Thursday night/Friday morning and then it was +5*C and all that snow plus some was gone by the end of the day yesterday.

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