No Idea Which Way Is Up: Sure Why Not Sign Up For a CT?

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I am such a mess. I had a Throwback Thursday post all ready to post yesterday and left all the photos I was using (not scanned yet) in DE. So that didn’t happen did it?

But to be fair, my brain is a whirling dervish of emotions and plans and craziness. I am down in VA to help Dad out this week since my sister went to NYC for spring break. Mark and I are trying to figure out where to live in Memphis (Since hubby goes in like 2 weeks or so, gulp), We are getting the realtors in to look at our current house which is spotless right now due to cleaners coming last week but won’t last that way long. HA

We are actually flying out to Memphis next Sat for a couple days to look around. So much is happening. And like I said I have no idea which way is up or down.

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yep I did…

BUT… Tanya texts me the other night before I headed to VA saying, I guess you aren’t doing the Straight Up CT this weekend. And me like the tough person (ha) I am, text back saying nope not doing it, not ready, blah blah blah blah. I hadn’t seen it was coming up, I haven’t ridden since Sally etc. etc. So what do I end up doing? Well of COURSE, I signed up. LOL

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Impulsive thy name is Michele.  I started out with just doing the Just Jump then I was like no I will do the full CT and then I saw the dressage test had changed (not a lot but a bit) and I went nope not doing it. But then I was like….this might be the only chance I get to do a dressage test and jump for a while. SO I SIGNED UP. Smacking head with hand. I AM an idiot.  But I honestly don’t know what the summer season holds for us if you think about it. Remus may be up in PA for a while while we get settled in TN. So against my better judgement….:) And now before I sleep each night I review the dressage test since I am so scared I am going to go down the centerline and halt at x instead of g etc.

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so this is why i have so many headaches LOL

So today (Friday) I am heading back home to Delaware. Tomorrow I will go see how much like a moldy, mangy porcupine my horse still looks like. I will attempt to fix his hedge row of a mane (though I doubt that happens too much, that thing needs a good pulling and it needs to grow out first due to him rubbing part of it out). I will give him a good shedding to get some of those porcupine needles out. I should probably hop on him too. BUT since it has rained all week and is supposed to today too the ring will be a mess so I probably won’t be able to do much. Ehhh sometimes you just gotta say…….

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may become my new mantra…

Oh and I need to clean tack, boots, find something to wear (since it is going to be 50’s and is a schooling show it will probably not be pretty). Thinking vest, with turtleneck possibly along with the breeches and boots. And even though I haven’t ridden Remus, I have no expectations of doing anything but getting through the dressage test and the jump course in one piece. Surely that is doable?

I am sure we will be a mess going to this show but since it is early in the season surely other horses and people will be messes too? Maybe? (Somehow I doubt it!) Though Tanya rightly said if it ends up raining (as of now no forecast for rain) I will hate her for life. More than she hates me for moving to Tennessee.

Yep I am an idiot. But you guys will enjoy reading the recap on Monday I am sure. Ha ha ha….

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if I only had a brain….

14 thoughts on “No Idea Which Way Is Up: Sure Why Not Sign Up For a CT?

  1. Mess list front runner 2018! But I’ll challenge you on that! I have a lesson in less than an hour and I’m laying on the sofa with a migraine but can’t be bothered to find energy to cancel? This will go well… I imagine I’ll rival you at the show! Have fun the weekend and tell me how it goes!

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  2. It’s a schooling show at the very beginning of the season with pretty poor weather lately. I am sure the both of you will be totally great. 🙂 (looking forward to pictures and a recap!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. EH, I think you’ll be just fine. Remus should be nice and forward since you haven’t worked him, so that could go either way… Hopefully for the best though! Haha! Can’t wait to read about it on Monday!

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  4. You’ll be fine! You saw what a mess I was last year with my badly behaved little bay project horse! And talk about impulsive – I took my horses to Loch Moy last weekend for the HT without schooling xc since last oct…Poppi jumped xc with Sally in Aiken, but i hadn’t jumped him xc in 6mo…and Pie the chestnut baby had never jumped xc ever! We’re bringing my boys – and Kara’s horse – so we’re happy to try to get some video of Remus if we can make the times work!


    1. I saw you guys placed well at Loch Moy but dind’t realized you hadn’t taken Pie XC before ha 🙂 I saw you on the list for Straight Up and was like well at least those guys can help make me laugh 🙂 See you there tomorrow!! I might miss Pie since he is a bit earlier than me but hope to see Pop go and Kara too….:)


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