Happy Halloween From The Fat Buckskin

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Hand’s down some of the best Halloween eps were Roseanne’s back in the day…

I am having a hell week at work and am still tired from the weekend. I drive to VA NEXT week (How is it already almost November?). I have a presentation to do up in MD and have to work in DE the week of the 14th and I just want to take a nap with the dogs. So productivity is not my friend this week. So tired!

But I wanted to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all you who celebrate it. We have candy here but doubt anyone is going to come up our spooky ass driveway that goes on forever to get any. Mark is not upset about this, he wants ALL THE CANDY.

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Mark here…

Do you all have plans for Halloween? What are your traditions? If you have kids do you take them trick or treating? I used to love it as a kid.

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another great one

I have company coming in November (my dad is coming back with me and my friend is coming for Thanksgiving from DE for a few days). I guess that means I have to figure out food for Thanksgiving right? Anyway have a great Halloween!! If you dare! πŸ™‚ If I dressed up right now, I think I would just be an ostrich with his head in the sand. That is my defense position right now!

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Hoping to ride again this weekend and maybe even a trail ride. Depends on weather (Supposed to pour today and tomorrow, bye bye semi-dry paddock area, it was nice to see you for once). And for a fun trick let’s watch Remus destroy my fence (This one fence board had cracked a while back and Remus finally broke it and proceeded to try to eat it. Thanks buddy). What a pain. He is bored! Look at his expression. Just like a kid getting into trouble.


16 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From The Fat Buckskin

  1. I have 7 adults and 2 kids coming to my house from 3 different states for Thanksgiving… I really do need to create that grocery list (and then send the husband to the store to get it all)

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  2. Halloween is not my holiday. It’s just a thing I get through so that I can start the holiday season lol. However, this year, we’re in a new house and the trick-or-treaters came through over the weekend on a hayride through the neighborhood! That was fun, and we had a bonfire in our yard with hot cider and Fireball for the adults. So honestly, hanging out by a fire with hot cider made me think that this Halloween thing wasn’t so bad.

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  3. Loooove Halloween, but with everything that’s been going on lately, and storms rolling through tonight, I just can’t handle any hoopla this year. We’re gonna go camp out at Chuy’s with queso and drinks instead.

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  4. Well we have three giant boxes of candy to hand out…but no one will be home till like after 7pm because of me having to be at the barn and husband working. So guess that’s three boxes of candy we get to eat !

    I am typing this while being dressed up as Mustard at work- LOL. One of my co-works is Ketchup!

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  5. Happy Halloween!

    It is the most under celebrated holiday in Australia (aka no one does it and trick or treating is more likely to have you take home stale biscuits than candy), which is super depressing.

    I grew up in Indonesia and it was HUGE there because of all the American expats, so I have such fond memories of it as a child.

    I wish we did more of it.

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  6. We went trick or treating which is always fun. The kiddo got a ton of candy which I promptly raided. It’s the benefit of being a parent πŸ™‚ it looks like rain tomorrow and Friday here but I’m ok with that since I work. As long as the weened is clear I’m a happy camper.

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  7. I LOVE Halloween! But it’s annoying when it’s a Wednesday. I don’t get trick or treaters which is a total bummer. I used to love handing out candy at my mom’s house. She gets TONS and usually runs out of candy.
    You have a ton going on in the next few weeks, yikes! I’m sure you’ll get through it all just fine.

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