Schnauzer Saturday Is Back!

Gretchen’s fave way to rideΒ 

OOPS, I missed that last couple Saturdays due to holidays but Schnauzer Saturday is back!

Not a schnauzer but a kickass latte made by me in a schnauzer mug πŸ™‚
img_0422 (1)
repeat photo but so cute how she is playing with the toys…she has changed a lot since we adopted her hairless self way back in 2015…poor thrown away schnauzer!
Favorite place to snooze in my lap
Not a schnauzer but Gretchen’s best friend!
Also NOT a schnauzer BUT Remus’s surcingle has arrived. It is brand new and can’t wait for it to ever stop raining to try it on!

And last but not least photos from when we first saw Gretchen at shelter. Mark said to me, don’t you think we should wait and adopt something younger? Um. No. I got her the following Tuesday!:) We adopted her the week of Halloween in 2015. Here is to lots more years (I hope, since we have NO idea how old she is).

15 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday Is Back!

      1. Like….I can wait until the boss does an other order somewhere….I just wanted one last week. Instead of spending my money on that though, I spent it on Tik Maynards book LOL

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