It Is Hotter Than Homecoming!

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Hotter than homecoming.

This is a phrase my sister uses often and since moving to Tennessee I have started using it as well. A lot. It is not really THAT hot here yet, but I went to try our central A/C last week and nothing happened. We have now had three (COUNT THEM THREE!!) service calls from our A/C people/home warranty and no one can figure out why it is not working. Again, it’s not that hot yet but it is getting there. Fast. Today is 86 but it feels much hotter due to the humidity. I sleep horrible when I am warm and even though we have three fans on in our room at night I sleep like crap. UGH.

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How much hotter than homecoming is it? When you are sitting at your desk (I work from home remember) and you go to stand up and your legs stick to the seat. Or when your dogs flop in front of the fans and take all the breeze away from you. And when you have to turn your heaters in your fish tanks down so that you don’t have boiled molly fish.ย  That hot.

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Waiting for this to happen but we only have one floor!

Oh, and we have no water in our kitchen sink either (faucet needs repair and some other issues). Plumber is on their way for FIRST call let’s hope this one is not recurring. I am a bit sick of filling the Brita pitcher from my bathroom LOL. (Update he came and isย  ordering us a new builder’s grade faucet which will get us through until we get time to update our kitchen (on the timeline but not sure when we will fit it in). Never boring (or cheap) around here.

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Is our house the Money Pit house?? Not sure yet…but might be.

We had A/C last summer so not sure why we don’t have it this year especially since they have checked the system out and it should be working. But it is not working. It is almost like a sketch on Saturday Night Live.

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Everytime someone leaves they say they are bringing a new senior person out. Each time the same thing. Pretty soon all this going to be left is the big guy upstairs and I am pretty sure he is not coming to fix my A/C. HA if I don’t laugh I will cry.

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I am not breezy I am hot and miserable LOL

Otherwise my plans this weekend are heading north with truck and trailer on Friday afternoon/Sat morning to meet Emily/see Remus et al. The show is on Sunday but I hope to ride Fat Buckskin on Saturday possibly. I hope he remembers me (or maybe I hope he doesn’t!).

I could possibly even eat this hay!

Here at home, I still need to get his stall fixed up (Does it count if I have three new mats sitting outside his stall in the aisle? I think it does). Those suckers are HEAVY. It has been so hot but is going to cool up after today so maybe I will get it done before I leave. I do have hay for him now (well I had some older hay and he won’t need a lot thanks to all the grass but still I now have better hay too!). I am hoping Remus doesn’t go into culture shock coming home.

This purple finch has figured out the hummingbird feeders. A plus to him for being resourceful! I need to take a page from his book!

I have been so hit or miss on blog posts I hope that some content starts up again really soon!! Or all of you will get bored and leave me (don’t leave me!).

Happy Hump Day!

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Disclaimer: No vodka was harmed in the writing of this blog! ๐Ÿ™‚



17 thoughts on “It Is Hotter Than Homecoming!

  1. Legs sticking to the seat is THE LITERAL WORST. Yuck yuck yuck.

    But yay to seeing and riding Remus soon. And yes, I might eat that hay, too! It looks amazing.

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  2. eeeee i hope you have so much fun going over to visit with Emily and get your favorite buckskin back!! have a great trip ๐Ÿ˜€ and hopefully in the meantime it cools off a little bit lol, it’s like you can’t catch a break – it’s either raining or sweltering i guess!

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  3. No complaining of the heat when you just complained about the cold for months!!!! ๐Ÿคช

    Itโ€™s gotten warm fast here too but I love it. So so so much better than the 30s and rain we had September-March.

    Remus will be happy to see you!! Please get lots of media of his show!!

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    1. so so true re heat. I think i would be okay if it wasnt for the a/c not working and having no water in kitchen LOL. I dont think the heat persay is this issue but since I was sticking to my chair yesterday…haahahAlso it is pissing down with rain today. LIke we never just get a drizzle or a nice soft rainfall HA!! I am not sure if Remus will know who I am he has had so much attention. I hope to get lots of media!! thanks!


    1. haha it is pissing down today. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is actually gorgeous here most days just sticking legs to chair i was not ready for ๐Ÿ™‚ HA HA It was nicer outside than in the house!


  4. Yay Remus!

    I’m leaving in the morning for my wedding, whch is SUnday, but we have stuff to do there soooo yeah ๐Ÿ˜€ Looking forward to catching up on updates when I get back- I hope Remus does great!

    Fiancee is from Tennessee and I gotta say, between y’all, I’m REALLY not into moving there ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. It’s pretty flipping hot here in Texas already as well. We’ve got some rain (and a cold spell) moving through this weekend but the horses are all lazy with the heat and humidity lately. Let’s see if the weather the next few days puts a spring in their step. Safe road tripping!

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  6. I wish it would get warm here! I mean, I don’t with for a 90 degree house… But it was 41 for a high yesterday. And it rained. And it was sad and unpleasant.
    Hope they get everything working over there asap! Can’t wait to read about Remus!!!


  7. Ugh sucks about the AC especially with humidity – I grew up in a hot place (w/o AC) but it was a dry heat which made things way more tolerable. I hope someone fixes it soon for you or it just starts working.

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