It’s Schnauzer Sunday!

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I think it is safe to say Ollie loves his new toy! He loves to sit in and wait for us to get finished whatever task we are doing. So cute!

Bernie being useless
Gretchen doing creative sleeping!
Bernie ‘helping’ to wash sheets. Bernie this is not helping!


This is a huge hawk we had in our field the other day. He was massive. Like the photos do not do him justice. Also we have ducklings in our pond (Or we did, who knows with the hawks and turtles)! And I surprised a flock of Turkey chicks behind my barn yesterday while unloaded 26 bales of hay. By myself. HA that was not fun.

I had no idea what they were till I saw Momma Turkey. There were at least 8 or more. Seemed like dozens going every which way!

We also have this lizard of some sort living in our barn. He literally hangs out all day and is not scared of me at all.

Happy Schnauzer Sunday all! I am flying solo at home while Mark went to get Dad but I had a lesson today. More to come!! Hope everyone’s weekends were great!

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