New (Dog) Fence (Almost 2 Years Later)

Pretty view
so pretty!

We will have been in this house on this farm two years……..on June 15th (I think I need to look haha). Since then we mostly have walked dogs on leashes as we weren’t sure what we wanted to do fence wise. We didn’t want to fence in the whole area due to still wanting to get to the farm gates we put in last year. So we came up with an idea.

Right before all hell broke loose in March we got three quotes for fencing. I have to say the one we went with, while slow as hell to put up on the actual day, did an amazing job. They arrived at 830 am and left around 8 pm so it was a long day of being trapped at home due to their equipment. But the project was done well and the finished look is amazing. So happy. Plus to be able just to open the door to let dogs out. Priceless. And Ollie and donkeys get to coexist without him getting murdered. Definitely worth it. HA!

Ollie not sure how priceless it is but he seems to enjoy it!
Note cameo of donkeys in field from across pond. Lola is rolling LOL 

So we haven’t been doing all the small house projects but outside is coming along nicely!! Between that and cutting grass…well that takes up a lot of time!!

Also just because it is Monday we all need to see video of Lola and Ginger. Brats! (them not you guys!). Happy Monday!!

The girls or bitches or angels depending on my mood 🙂 They recognize me now and bray when they see me in the morning or pulling up in my truck after going out. Quite cute. Still not tame….



11 thoughts on “New (Dog) Fence (Almost 2 Years Later)

    1. So far they are loving the fenced area. We shall see when it is 110 in the shade how much they like going out there hahahha but yes it is a game changer for us!! (Plus they get to bark at the UPS man as he drops off packages while throwing treats into the yard for them) HA!


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