Remus Lesson (With Media!): You Fail Some, You Win Some….

How freaking cute is Ms. Lola? Adorable right??

Remus and I had another lesson on Friday. Unfortunately I had to change my slot to later in the day due to work so the cool wind blowing at 10 am was hella gone by 1 pm. Sigh. It was hot. It was muggy. There was a breeze still blowing otherwise it would have been horrible.

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I left my crop in the barn so borrowed a dressage whip out in the ring to get Mr He who doesn’t want to move forward actually moving forward. That worked and we had some nice nice trot and canter work. Even with the heat, Remus was motoring for me. I also heard from the barn kid (the little one who loves Remus) while I was tacking up that Remus managed to plant a lesson kid this week. Ut oh. She was asking him to canter and Remus was fresh and kicked up a bit and boom off she went. Remus just stopped and stared at her on the ground like what you doing down there?  And the kid got back on and cantered and jumped him so no harm. But Remus do not get demerits please! But to be fair that was on Tuesday last week when the high was 45 and it was cool.  I mean still. But I get it. Now it is hot as balls so….

To Be Punished This week we discuss:
Remus to the kid…

But Remus was PERFECT for me. Like we had better canter departures than we have ever had. No fuss, no buck no nothing. Just put my leg back and he went right into the canter. It was lovely. Then we had to jump. UGH. I did ask Erin to get some videos so I do have some media. One of the other girls there who was riding told me she has a Soloshot and would bring it out sometime too. SO that would be cool. I didn’t get a lot of video and I am not thrilled with how I am riding and how on the forehand Remus is but here you go! You asked, you recieve. 🙂

Anyway. We started over a crossrail. Fail Fail Fail. Then we did the cross rail and then the gate. Fail, then perfect.

But they missed videoing the gate and only got the cross rail. SOB. That gate was the gate to beat all gates. LIKE we met it PERFECT. NEVER EVER HAVE I EVER met a jump like that. And I hate the gates. But I nailed it.  But we had to do more jumps. We had to string those two together again then go on the outside line which was a vertical. Which means I thought too hard and effed that up as well. WTF is wrong with my brain?? Finally I did the whole thing again and overall it was pretty good. JEEZ RIDING IS HARD! WHY?? Of course I was dying and out of breath because there was no air quality at all. And oh I forgot to breathe most of it. Umm breathing is good. I should do more of it.

Hold your breathe and type "X" until u stop holding your breath ...
Me over most of the jumps.

Remus was so good though, he is such a good boy he got lots of pats and lots of treats and a cold shower when he was done. I myself got into the truck when I left and put the ac as low as it would go and as high as it would blow. SHIT it was hot. HAHAHA Summer is here I think.

I do love my buckskin though. What a guy! 🙂 See below. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve him and I know he sure wishes at times that the someone riding him was a better rider. HA!

Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz
Remus to me every time!

First time over the outside line. FAIL

Last time through. MUCH better thank goodness as I was dying by then!

Looking forward to doing some things soon possibly. I have a tentative CT scheduled for May 30th. (This will be controlled with not many people on the grounds at the same time and once you are done you leave, which is fine by me!). And then a clinic mayyyyyyyyyyybe in June? Stay tuned….

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Me social distancing always…hahaha i was like this BEFORE this mess! 

17 thoughts on “Remus Lesson (With Media!): You Fail Some, You Win Some….

  1. That last video is great!
    Humidity is the worst. I kinda forgot about how much I hated it. And we’ve only had one day of it here in NY. I remembered why “i could cut through the air with a knife” is a great description of a humid day


    1. OH HELL yeah even NY can get nasty! what is it with the East Coast and the humidity! Hope your clinic weather was gorgeous for you guys, you all look amazing!! 🙂 Remus was like are we done yet in that last video! 🙂


  2. Summer hasn’t quite arrived here in KS yet, but I’m not looking forward to it. I desperately need some new jumping media. Manny and I haven’t been jumping a ton, but when we have jumped, we’ve had some really good rides. Maybe this week I can talk one of the kids into videoing. It kind of sucks though because I just went back to work full time last week, so I had been going to the barn during the day. By the time I get there in the evening, the barn has been pretty empty.

    I’m glad you got to have a jumping lesson on Remus! I hope you’re able to do the CT at the end of the month.

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  3. Love the media. You guys look good. I forget t breathe too. At my lesson Friday the instructor asked what I was thinking going down the 2 stride line and In was like “uh…my brain basically went LALALALALA”. Ooops.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The cussing was epic and hysterical!!! Im not quite ready for the heat yet either though when it hits 90+ we’ll ll be like what happened to 80?!?!?!? 😛 hehe

    Liked by 1 person

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