Quick Post on Boots (Human Ones)

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at least my calf was breezy yesterday

So my relatively new boots died yesterday in my lesson. It was cold as could be anyway, and I COULD not figure out why my calf and ankle was so cold. Then I looked down and saw the zipper split the whole way down. I bought them last May and I do not abuse them so I was kind of irked that it happened. I reached out to the person who I bought them from and she is reaching out to the manufacturer but I don’t have much hope. I know the person who owns the tack shop (bought local) so I do appreciate she is trying to make things right for me. But I doubt anything comes of it.

Meanwhile I have another lesson scheduled today. And I am hoping to squeeze my big fat calves into my Ariat’s (that I was just getting ready to sell, so glad I didn’t). IF not I have to ride in my damn country boots for today. Those have been abused to hell and back and the zipper still works, go figure, hahaha.

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Anyway, recommendations on boots that don’t break the bank. I am no Stacie or even Amanda (no judgement hahaha) so don’t send me expensive recommendations. But something under $350-400 would be appreciated, even better if they carry wide calves and short legged boots. God, I am a damn midget. Wide ass midget even more so. I may order a pair of half chaps from the leather works place next to the barn (but even so I wont have them this quick). Anyone else have a fun cold lesson that ended with almost losing a boot as you trotted around stirrup less? No just me. Great….Happy Monday!!

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13 thoughts on “Quick Post on Boots (Human Ones)

  1. I know people get all fancy and stuff with their boots but I still haven’t found anything that fits quite as well and comfortably as a pair of good paddock boots and half chaps. Team HalfChap ALL THE WAY

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  2. I’m not sure what brand the ones that failed you are, but I’ve been having good luck with the Mountain Horse ones as far as offering things that fit a short wide person like myself. Ordered from the UK, they end up being about 200 of your dollars, better yet if you can find them on clearance locally – they seem to change some models annually – I have the Opus ones and they’re a couple of years old and still going strong:)

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  3. Hey! I have a lot of boots under $400!
    My favorite cheapo boots (they don’t live forever, maybe a year or two) are the Tuffrider Regals. They are very stretchy, and fairly generous in the calves as well. I normally wear wide, but can wear regulars in those. (They come wide, reg, and slim.) They aren’t especially tall, so I bet they would work for you. Super comfy, one ride and they’re broken in pretty much.

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      1. The Regals are their “high end” version, so you might have better luck. I’ve never had a zipper break on them, though they do eventually start falling down. I think the only other tuff rider tall boots I have are the Baker plaid ones, but I’ve not ridden in them yet, so can’t say how they compare to each other.

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  4. All may not be lost. You do have the option of just repairing the zippers. I always view zipper replacement as a necessary evil. If you love the boots otherwise, repair is your best bet. If you could handle buying a new pair, check out Petries. I bought one of their lower end model (less than $300 canadian). I am short with wide calves. I followed their measurement directions and ordered. They arrived a week later and fit perfectly from day one. I purchased mine from http://www.Ooteman.nl

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