The One Where Barbie Chokes (But Is Okay)!

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Barbie now…
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Barbie on Monday night

Barbie (the palomino/white mini) choked on Monday evening. She is fine now, she never was THAT bad (thought a. total drama queen about it) but it was scary nonetheless. My vet who I havent seen since Fred died (white donkey) was hesitant to come out due to the fact it was a mini. I said well she is really well behaved so let’s see how it goes (tubing minis is not fun is how I took the message). But he came out (yes why the f could she not have had this episode Monday am and not Monday pm. ) Emergency fee and all. But he came and got her straight.

Meandering across the field the other night, paying no attention to me

She was a perfect angel. We tubed her up her nose without sedation he found the issue pretty quickly got her blockage cleared, then he gave her some banamine and an antibotic shot. We took her out in front of the barn to see if she would graze but she was more worried where Cherry was so he said just turn her out. We had picked up all food but he said it was fine if she grazed. By the time he packed up (He watched her a bit) she was much happier and picking at grass. He absolutely loved her and even kissed her snotty green nose. HA.

ugly things arent they?

SO what happened? I had changed her food this past week (gradually but still) TSC was out of the mini horse feed I have been buying. So I got a similar but pelleted feed. Due to her inability to not take huge mouthfuls of Cherry’s food too we think she grabbed a huge mouthful and swallowed while pinning her ears at her ‘sister’. Hence green snot and coughing began! I thought she had choked on the chopped hay but he was pretty sure it was the pellets.

So for the last few days I have been soaking everything she gets (took her off the pellets immediately but she gets a handful of ration balancer (wet) with her previcox quarter of a pill and soaked chopped hay). Same at night. So far so good. She had a cough the day after but that seems gone now.

What you don’t have a pair of minis in your front yard?

I picked up her old food from TSC this am. They got it back in stock. Not messing with success. This is more of a sweet feed and my vet said it is probably better for her and with her tiny mouth and BIG attitude it might help keep her choke free. But I am still wetting everything down. She is not a fan of it too much but is eating it. STILL WITH BIG MOUTHFULS. My vet suggested tying them up to feed them if it continues as I can’t put them in separate stalls due to them being joined at hip (Even though they want to kill each other other times). MINIS. Gotta love them except when you don’t.

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Me everyday to those minis!

SO that is the moral of the story: stick with what works, realize that the only thing mini about a mini is her size, and be thankful for a country vet who comes out when you call him.


How is everyone else week going? Better than mine, I hope!

5 thoughts on “The One Where Barbie Chokes (But Is Okay)!

  1. Thankfully (knocking on wood over here) my mini is pretty easy. He’s kind of wild, but that seems to be caused by previous abuse and not pure insanity. But who knows. He was picked up at a kill pen.
    My warmblood mare, however, choked a few years ago. I was at happy hour with my girlfriends and my (decidedly non-horsey) husband sent me a video of my horse drooling and coughing and generally looking pretty darn miserable. Good on him for being quick to notice! I contacted my veterinarian and headed home. She was already there tubing Coco with husband’s assistance. It was super gross, but she was totally fine by the next day.
    Horses, there is NEVER a dull moment! Glad to hear Barbie is on the mend and I hope she makes better choices in the future!


    1. Thanks. My (non horsey) husband was FREAKING OUT. Because we lost Fred the donkey due to other things he was sure we were going to lose her. I am glad he seems to love them too! πŸ™‚ Glad your husband noticed. I am not sure my husband would have noticed if i hadnt been there (what green goo falling from her nose to the floor is bad?) HA!


    1. She has like FIVE OR SIX Fly masks. But her eyes run constantly (allergies) so she has to have it on. Also they are all HUGE on her. But I cant find mini mini masks. BUt they work πŸ™‚ Ha thanks πŸ™‚


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