Let’s Talk Riding Boots….Shall We?

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Bouncing off Amanda’s post today re white breeches I am in need of new show boots. I have an older pair of tall boots (Mountain Horse but two-toned and not appropriate for showing even for a schooling show), my other boots died last spring and I sold my Ariats due to them not fitting right in my calves.

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I like my Mountain Horse boots and am intrigued with the two-tone MH (black and brown) and other types. However, I am cheap and 400 plus seems a lot. But I spent almost 300 on my TuffRider ones from 2020 with VERY little use (once or twice a week) and the zipper blew in 8 months sooooo.

so comfy yet so ugly

I know I did a post a while back but let’s do this again. Best boots for decent price that fit short, wide people? And go! And has anyone got the Mountain Horse boots? How comfy are they (The pair I have are not even wide and work on my fat calves, so there is that)? HA I can just get Ariats again but I wasnt as thrilled with them as ones I had before. I am toying with signing up for a schooling event that is in mid-September so my ass had better get into gear if I want them before then.

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Me possibly tonight

I have a lesson tonight and I might melt so if i don’t melt down Remus’s sides (It is like the gates of hell here today) I will see what you guys recommend.

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Riding Boots….Shall We?

  1. I have the mountain horse ones – not sure the model but they’re solid black without laces and totally show appropriate, been wearing them 2 years a few times a week with no issues. They were supposed to be for shows but they’re so comfy I ended up using them for every day. They look very similar as far as the foot and zipper to what you’re wearing. I tried the Ariats but they were too tall for me and the zippers and elastic inserts didn’t last (and I wore a hole in the calf on one and nearly through the other in about a year).

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  2. I have the same ones you have (BUT I THINK THEY’RE PRETTY!!! :p) and also the Sovereign Lux model. I think they’re really comfortable and think the all black Sovereigns would be perfectly fine to show in. Maybe also look at the De Niro Salentinos. They are their lower end boot, but are REALLY nice and stupid comfy. I get mine from Equiport because they have the best prices. If they have your size in stock they arrive very quickly. But if you need semi customs or a size they don’t have it can take awhile.

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  3. I have the two-tone brown and black sovereign MH boots. I LOVE my brown boots, and they’re just so darn comfy. My calf size changes a lot, so I love that the boots have such a good gusset across the calf. The 3 “layers” of gusset for the calf make sure that if I am not fit, the boots fit like a glove, and if I’m more fit and my calves bulked up they still fit like a glove lol. Plus I have sensitivity to the backs of my knees, so the elastic on either side of the top snap helps give that relief.
    I would say get them! Labor Day is only a week away, and RW will probably have a big sale. I got both of my boots on their sales for only about $215+ instead of the $400 they normally are, so that was the only reason I felt okay to get them lol.
    These aren’t the brown ones I have, but they’re the same type, and I REALLY want them, but absolutely have no need for them lol.

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      1. Haha I know I’m bad influence I’m sorry! LOLOL And yeah, I’d forgotten about Labor Day until recently actually lol yes we are similar! I actually got just the 9-Regular calf and Regular height in the MH boots. When I am really fit (running/biking) my calves are around 15-5/8″. These were a little on the tight side when I got them because my calves were close to 16″ when I first got my brown ones. But after wearing them in and making sure I had boot trees in them they’ve never been constricting. I didn’t get a wide calf honestly because I felt between the gusset and how much leather can stretch I wouldn’t need to get a wide. Plus I have very tiny ankles, and wides tend to get too baggy near my ankles lol. So far, the size has worked great for me! For the height, I came to 17-1/4″ so the short was too short but regular felt too tall LOL I was so surprised tho because they did drop very well, so they measure about 17-1/2″ height now. Which then that elastic on either side of the snap helps with that last 1/4 inch! I hope this helps for you! Trying to find the right boots can be overwhelming with all the options!


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