I Am Pissed Off and How Are You?

Today is a complaint on Smartpak. It used to be they were so amazing on shipping. Covid, other issues, etc. I get it, everything changed. But I am here today to say that I am about ready to cancel everything and go elsewhere. (Also two posts in two days, WHO AM I?)

I had to pay extra to get Barbie’s Smartpaks almost two weeks ago (trying a MSM-based supp to see if helps with her summer allergies, green gook in eyes and snots and coughs). By paying 13 dollars I got it in three days. Whatever, fine. Take my money. I don’t need it.

But I ordered Remus a new haynet from there the same day (We only use these type at Trinity and by my calculations with Remus they last about 6-9 months before they start falling apart from the friction). Right now his is literally pieced together with carabiners, so I ordered a new one for him.

me fixing the haynet..

ON JULY 9th. Yes. I didn’t pay shipping since I get free shipping and even though it said it would take 10 days fine. I figured his haynet would last that long maybe.

I just got this notice from them. THEY HAVEN’T EVEN SHIPPED IT YET.

Hi Michele, 
Thanks for shopping at SmartPak! We’re writing today to let you know that unfortunately, your order has been delayed and will not arrive on the date originally provided in your confirmation email. 

So that means two things in my mind:

1. They don’t have them and they are out of stock. And if so, WRITE IT ON THE DAMN LISTING ON YOUR WEBSITE so people don’t you know BUY THEM.

2. They are too effing lazy to actually ship something to a long-running customer (Used them since literally 2005 or so, thanks for nothing Smartpak)

We sure do, Smartpak

And am I really that mad, no, not really but the communication SUCKS. The issue is the delivery date WAS TODAY. SOOOO they not only haven’t shipped but they never communicated to me that it wasn’t shipped at all yet. What if it had been ulcer stuff or another medicine needed (yes, I would have paid shipping expediated, etc.) but still. My real pissed-offness (yes that is a word!!) is this:

  • Billed To:PayPal
  • Billed on Date:July 10, 2022
  • Shipping Details


  • We have received this order but it hasn’t shipped yet. We’ll upload the tracking number the moment it ships.
  • SmartPak Slow Feed Hay Bag
  • Four Flakes – 2″ – Black 
  • Price: $53.96
  • Price reflects VIP SmartPerks savings

Sure they haven’t shipped it but they sure as F took their money already. I am livid. So tell me your Smartpak woes. I needed to vent but I am sure I am not the only one!! More than 10 days. Not acceptable.

15 thoughts on “I Am Pissed Off and How Are You?

  1. Oh I was raging earlier, got the same email. I live in MA- I can drive to their corporate offices, I actually have been there by accident once. Been a week since I ordered more liniment. Worried my bucket of supplements won’t be in on time next.

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  2. I’ll throw my smartpak story in here even though you’ve already heard it. Nay gets 2 auto ships: succeed paste and his other supplements in smartpaks. I do the packs because it IS cheaper than buckets and it makes my life simpler. The paste is 1 week earlier than the packs. Billed 7/5. Now, this is a recurring gift so I don’t get the shipping notice, but it’s forwarded to me. I got worried when I saw his other auto ship was arriving Saturday and I had 2 tubes left. I checked with my mom Friday and she saw it still was processing (it’s a box—stick a label on it). Ultimately, I called and did get a person immediately. There was nothing she could do but it would likely be 7-15 days before it arrived (we paid 7/5). But, succeed stays in the system up to 7 days so I should be ok. I explained Nay’s chronic colitis which did worry her and she asked if I could buy a few tubes locally (it’s sold by cases of 30). I did say something about checking various Dovers to see if they had cases of tubes in stock — we don’t eat the granules — but I’d rather not pay twice if she couldn’t cancel my auto ship (already said it wasn’t possible). In the end she offered to send a case at no cost via next day air. This stuff is expensive ($130/case) so they fixed the issue, but… she did say now I’ll have extras on hand if this happens again.

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  3. I’ve stopped using SmartPak. They were good for a while but it’s just seemed to have gone downhill in the last few years, so I stopped buying from them. RW communication was way better as well, so I’ve stuck with them and just separating Amber’s supplements instead of getting them in their “paks.” Cheaper too. Ugh, I’m sorry that happened!! That majorly sucks 😦

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    1. I stopped using riding warehouse because I stuff was taking 2+ weeks to get here! But TX to PA… that plus out of stock items, I gave up. Honestly, I’m blessed with great local tack and feed shops, but I still get most supplements from Smartpak since I can’t get this particular order cheaper… for now.

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  4. I don’t have any Smartpak complaints to add, but maybe that’s because it has been more than six months since I’ve placed an order with them? I remember the good old days when they used to include a free sample with almost every box- always fun to see what they would send me and then do a taste test with one of my horses. Smartpak or not, it certainly is taking longer to receive anything by mail. I do feel like I have to reorder medications and whatnot like a month earlier than I used to just to make sure I get stuff delivered on time.

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  5. Something is going on there. Everything has been delayed all month. My hypothesis is that it’s either a staffing problem, or maybe something like they updated their software and it didn’t go well. I don’t think it’s stock problems. It could be, but I don’t get the impression that it is.


    1. yeah they are shipping it and it will be here on Monday the 25th (SUPPOSEDLY) even then who knows with the Fed Ex UPS debacle in this area (Hubby’s brand new ipad was thrown up on the road even tho it was supposed to be signed for by us, luckily we saw it before it was swiped). I am still annoyed 😉 HA! But i agree something is going on. Shame!


  6. I ordered from them before I saw all of these posts about stuff not coming on time. But my prime amazon order of pelleted electrolytes took 2 weeks to get to me so…

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