Happy Birthday Luna and Say Hi to Salt!

Luna turned three yesterday. Words of Sarah (Three Chestnuts), isn’t she still a yearling? HA! Sure seems like she should still be a yearling? Where does the time go??

So I went out to see her yesterday. She is growing (again). She is really butt high. My friend’s gelding (and Luna’s best friend forever) is so gorgeous too so will include photos of him too.

Happy Birthday Luna!!

Also we have a foster! She is so adorable. She is an elderly schnauzer mix supposedly but she looks like a Westie to us. She is so sweet and has fit in quite well. Her name is Salt which I do not think a good fit so I have been calling her Salty and Missy instead.

I volunteer with Schnauzer Love Rescue and they are the sponsors of her. I do their newsletters for them and help out with transport so picked Salt up on Saturday and when her foster fell through I just brought her home. She needs some grooming and medical attention then she will be up for adoption. She is quiet (no barking), housebroken, and a snuggler. Gets along with all cats and dogs. AND DID I MENTION CUTE?

Happy Monday!!


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