Ponies, Jumping, and Potluck (Oh and Friends)!

minion 2
Pretty much sums it up!

Saturday night we had an impromptu fun night at the barn. My barn is very social for being such a small barn  (I myself am NOT social but they do force me to be social once in a while).

We ended up setting up a small course and taking spins over it. I jumped some and Remus was good but he was doing that bucking thing at the canter (jerk) so between that and my jump saddle that REALLY does not work for me anymore, I didn’t jump a heck of a lot. But I did get a few shots (thanks Mark!)!! Take a look at the difference above of Mr. Grumpy Pants on the left and then Mr. Oh I have Warmed Up Now and CAN Move. Sigh. Work in progress. Always.

Why must I lean….and why must Remus over achieve over a CROSS RAIL?
remus walk
Too loose reins and I am slouching but the buckskin is cute!

But what I did do (My husband was there doing phone photo duty) was throw Jess up on Remus so i could take photos on my own. Whee…

So HE can canter!

It was a lot of fun!! I watched Jess and Star go and then Jess and Remus and also Kate on Sterling (gorgeous Shire/TB cross I love him).

Here is Starbar and his cute little video here!  And Remus and Jess here!  She even jumped Remus over an oxer that I was giving a side eye to while on the ground (#jumpissues I know!). It was a lot of fun having people to ride with and socialize with (even if I don’t socialize much)!

Then we got done and we went into the tack room and had our potluck. Yummy food, wine slushes, and Pinot Grigio (oh and Modelo for my husband, I have a bit of my mother in me, I pack for the occasion!!).

I hope it becomes an ongoing thing as it was lots of fun and probably one of the only times I have jumped even a bit without Sally in the ring with me (Gotta get over that hump!!)

I am looking for a saddle with a vengeance now. My current jumping saddle is not working as I said and I am very unstable in it. I need something that is going to help me in my position. Not hinder. Especially cross country (if I ever go again LOL)…as Remus jumps bigger CC. And essentially throws me up in the air when he jumps….

In other nonexciting news for you but exciting for us…we got a new couch (The one we had came from Texas so yeah it had been around the block and on a UHaul once or twice). Ollie and Gretchen are PRETTY sure we bought it for them (We didn’t).

download (1)
Life is very very hard….am I right?

Also, I had a lesson with Emily on Monday (upcoming post) and have a lesson with Sally tomorrow night so all sorts of stuff happening (trying to shove as much into the week before going to my dad’s in VA this weekend (No ponies there, sob)!




2 thoughts on “Ponies, Jumping, and Potluck (Oh and Friends)!

  1. I happen to think you and Remus look great 🙂 I know what you mean about not feeling good about the saddle, good luck with that. Saddle shopping is the absolute pits. Also tho what a fun barn night!! I kinda miss those social evenings. All the riders at my barn now are high schoolers lol so they don’t really part (obvi). That’s ok tho. My former barn mates and I make up for it at shows now!

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