Fair Hill Starter Trials Part II (Better Known as YAY Jumping!!)

It is not Fair Hill without rain!

Time to JUMP!

As I said in my last Blog post, it was nuts keeping up with everyone at FH that day. I had a friend who had done Novice (She WON!) and already hauled her horse home and come back by the time we got there, I had another friend who was doing Beginner Novice (SHE WON TOO) so I got to see her jump but not dressage and then Sally was there everywhere showing too!! Then Jess and Tanya were in Intro and Emma was in Elementary. I know there were other people there but I never even saw them.

I had crawled into Jess’ SUV and cruised up to the Jumping field. It was NOT raining for about five minutes then. My friend Sophie was going into her Beginner Novice stadium so she was warming up. Tanya and Moo and Jess and Star were up there too. That warm up area….was not fun. It was crazy. Horses going left, right, sideways you name it. Jeez another reason to be glad not to be riding!!

This pretty much sums up the warm up ring that day

We got to watch Sophie go on Quinn. She was clean (as I said she won!) but boy he gave her a ride. I have never seen her have to sit down so visibly to pull him up between jumps as he was EAGER! He has had lots of health problems over the years so it was kind of cool seeing how feeling good made him want to go. Might not have been so much fun for Sophie but I enjoyed it. She went off to do CC then. The FH grass was pretty tall so I  could only see a few jumps but each time someone came back and I saw them still on, I assumed it was a good cc course! HA.

Jess was going soon in Stadium. Star never even batted an eye. He got one rail (there were quite a few rails that day) but otherwise he was a champ! And it was RAINING again.

star jumping

My friend Tanya did not have as good a ride. Moo pulled out the hard stops in stadium so she ended up eliminated. HOWEVER, she did go jump the cc schooling jumps and got him over that so she finished on a good note. AND she had a lesson with Sally at FH on Tuesday and he jumped everything on course with just one stop so she is very pleased with him now. It is a work in progress but she tries so hard and I want her to have a clean event soon!!

I watched Jess take off with Starbar and that pony was rocking it. Clear CC!! YAY. He was having so much fun and he was just so proud of himself when he was done. She ended up getting Fifth!! (She even went back after we hauled Star home to get her ribbon!)


It was a great day (albeit cold and wet) and it was so much fun to be there and not stress about Remus. Sure a small part of me was like hmm how would he have jumped but ehh there are more events coming up. I signed up for another Combined Training Event at Straight Up in June and I have Sally lessons coming up. So lots of upcoming fun!exhaustedIf my dad hadn’t been up visiting I would have stayed to watch Emma and Charlie. Next time I promise!! I was freaking exhausted when I got home and didn’t even RIDE!   I did notice a few buckskins there (could it be they are coming into fashion again, did we start a trend) at Fair Hill….


2 thoughts on “Fair Hill Starter Trials Part II (Better Known as YAY Jumping!!)

  1. Oh man as far as I could tell all the horses were LIT for that stadium course. Glad most of your riders had a great ride tho! I had the hard stops ride there last year tho and yea, that’s no fun either. Anyway so glad to see you and I’m looking forward to next time!


    1. that darn warmup area scared the beejesus out of me I was VERY glad i was not riding. And yes lit is a nice way to say it. 🙂 It is always breezy up there and that cold rain was not helping……jeez….


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